Jan Brewer in her book Scorpions for Breakfast wrote: 

"The truth is that too many who don't want to secure our orders don't see America as anything special or worth fighting for. People talk a lot about something called "American exceptionalism" these days. It's a pretty misunderstood concept. It doesn't mean that as Americans, we think we're better than the rest of the world. It means that we understand, care about, and cultivate the set of values that have made our nation exceptional values like freedom, free enterprise, and religious tolerance. Those who don't believe in protecting America's borders generally don't believe that America is exceptional either. Quite the contrary; they see it as a place that needs to be radically changed - or "fundamentally transformed," in Barack Obama's words. They don't care about our identity - in fact they see a strong, cohesive American identity as something people cling to out of bigotry and fear. They see being proud to be an American as an expression not of pride but of prejudice. They find it kind of embarrassing.