Morality and Power

f I am not for myself, who will be for me? 
Ethics of the Fathers 1:14


    As I write this, there is massive immigration of Muslims into Europe and the Obama administration is accelerating importation of Syrian refugees as well as those who claim to be Syrian refugees.  Obama has been following a policy of trying to befriend the Muslim world and allowing vast numbers of Muslim refugees into the United States may be seen as a way to do this.  It is already known that a large part of this vast influx of Muslims are deadly radical extremists (see the stopImportingHate web page).  Allowing these people in is a huge contrast to the behavior of Western countries during World War II who blocked the immigration of Jews fleeing Hitler.  Not only did they do that but they also blocked the escape of Jews to Palestine. 

In both cases the British were appeasing the Muslim world.  During World War 2 the Muslims didn't want more Jews in Palestine and the British in an attempt to get the Muslims not to join with Hitler against them, blocked Jewish immigration.  European countries knew that Hitler hated Jews and may have been afraid that if they allowed Jews in Hitler would have followed the Jews into their countries in order to destroy them.  These countries were afraid to antagonize Hitler and may have believed that if they showed that they hated the Jews too, Hitler might like them.  There was also general anti-Jewish sentiment in Europe to begin with and that may be the main reason these countries did not let the Jews in.  America wouldn't let Jews in either. 

During World War II the Muslims were much more powerful than the Jews.  There were many more Muslims and they had oil wealth.  There was no fear of the Jews joining Hitler but there was concern that if the Muslims joined Hitler (which to a large extent they did anyway) that would help Hitler conquer the British. 

We live in a world that is primarily motivated by self preservation and secondarily motivated by greed.  It is a world that blocked Jewish refugees to appease the Nazi threat and it is a world that takes in Muslim refugees in order to appease the Muslim world.  Ironically although the motivation to take in these refugees may be self preservation, the result will be anything but. 

The lesson here is that if you want the world to be moral to you than be powerful.  There was and always will be a lot of propaganda about how powerful the Jews are as the world gangs up against them, but the fact that the world does so is proof that the Jews are week. It is the Muslims who are powerful.  It is a moral duty for the Jews to seek power in order to protect themselves.  Rabbi Hillel gave them great advice if they only knew what it meant.



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