Is an immoral action really immoral if knowbody knows about it?  If a husband cheats on his wife and she doesn't know about it is he doing anything wrong.  As long as his wife doesn't know it won't cause her any pain and he'll be giving pleasure to another woman and to himself.  What could be wrong with that?  If a third party found out about this relationship should that third party tell the wife who is being cheated on?  That would make the wife suffer.   Wouldn't it be immoral to tell?

    In the real world there is always a chance that the wife will find out but the question we are asking is if the wife never found out , in fact if no one found out is there anything wrong with the husband's actions. 

    This question leads to the question of what makes an action immoral?  Is it only immoral if it leads to suffering?  What if it leads to loss of self respect, or loss of inner beauty.  That is probably immoral as well.  

    When a person does something wrong knowingly even if other people don't find out, he knows he is doing wrong and that will affect who he is in a bad way. 

    If he doesn't know that he is doing wrong that doesn't make it less wrong. 

   In the cheating example both the husband and the mistress are degrading who they are as people even if no one else ever finds out.  In the real world their actions will affect others adversely, even if the wife never finds out.   In the real world the wives often find out.


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