Morality and Freedom

   Governments such as China and those of Muslim countries, under the guise of trying to protect their citizens from corrupting Western influences, and of trying to protect their morals, restrict their ability to expose themselves to Western culture.  In this way promoting morals is really a way to consolidate control over people.

    Religions often put restrictions on our freedom.   They are often full of commandments telling us what we can and cannot do.  In countries such as Israel, the nonreligious fear the encroachment of the religious on their freedoms.  The secular may see religion as a vestige of the past.  The religion of many of the secular has become that people have a right to do whatever they want to do as long as they don't infringe on the rights of others to do what they want to do. 

    A freedom over which there is a lot of disagreement between the secular and the traditional religious has to do with sexual behavior.   Most traditional religions do not believe that there should be sexual relations between men and women until marriage.  In fact these traditions often require women to cover themselves so that they will not attract men.  These religions often see sex as a powerful urge pulling men away from the path of righteousness.  The secular often engage in sexual relations outside of marriage and some have affairs even while they are married. 

    One of the freedoms over which there is controversy is the freedom to engage in homosexual behavior.  According to the Judeo-Christian tradition such behavior is an abomination and those who practice it should be executed.  The secular and those in liberal religious movements tend to believe in the right to engage in homosexual behavior.

    Why do the religious see loose promiscuous noncommitted sex as immoral while many of the secular see it as OK as long as it's consensual and as long as the people engaging in it are not minors. 

    Is this kind of freedom moral?  If we phrase that question in terms of the definition I gave for morality the question becomes is this kind of freedom good for men's souls?  That question brings up two other questions.  One is, is sexually promiscuous behavior outside of marriage or with the same sex bad for the soul?  The second question is whether people should have the freedom to engage in this behavior whether or not it is right or wrong?  I think promiscuous behavior is bad for the soul.  It cheapens sex and one's own self and leads to betrayal of other people.  I don't think people's freedoms to engage in such behavior, should be restricted however, I think it has to be their moral or immoral choice. 

    From a very pragmatic point of view sex and especially promiscuous unmarried sex entails several risks including diseases such as aids and unwanted pregnancies.  These unwanted pregnancies may lead a person to abort their fetus sometimes in late stages of the pregnancy.  They may lead to marriage between people who should not be together but who came together because of an "accident".  Sexual unfaithfulness can hurt another person and can lead to revenge from that person, sometimes with fatal consequences. 

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