One of the criticisms of Jews is that they think they are the Chosen people and so better than every one else.  What religion doesn't think that its followers know better or are better than the non-believer?  In a way the Jews are the chosen people they have been chosen to be persecuted by members of others religions throughout most of their history.  Jews are chosen as a target by the intolerant and by those who turn against Jews in order to get along with the intolerant.  When they are chosen as a target of evil they become forced to fight evil (though many try to appease evil).  One of the most intolerant countries in the world is Iran whose leader, Ahmadinejad, has threatened to wipe Israel off the map.  Iran is attempting to mass produce nuclear weapons and is a threat to the entire world.  The greatest threat to Iran is Israel which may be forced to strike Iran before and Iranian nuclear weapon ignites in Israel.  Israel is the base of the West in the Islamic world a world which has previously conquered a large part of Europe and now threatens to do so by an exploding population in European countries. 

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