The following letter was sent to Bernard Shapiro of the Freeman Center about the Indian experience with Islam.

Dear Sir,

Please bring the following website < > to the notice of your
esteemed members to raise awareness about the brutal ISLAMIC attack on
India's integrity...

SEPARATIST and DESTRUCTIVE. To trust a MUSLIM is to fall into a trap.

The world of Islam does not recall the murder of at least ONE MILLION
innocent Hindus in Pakistan and the tens of millions who were driven out of
their homes in 1947.

The Muslims use VIOLENCE in order to advance a political argument since they
have NO logic, common sense or rationality. To back up their demand for
Pakistan, the Indian Muslims suddenly shouted Jehad and KILLED THOUSANDS IN
NOAKHALI, EAST BENGAL, IN AUGUST 1946. This terrified the Hindu leaders into
accepting Partition AND ACCEPTING MUSLIMS back in partitioned India. The
Hindu leaders are still terrified and ban any book that is not liked by the

How is it that while the World of Islam wishes all those refugees to be
absorbed in PARTITIONED India, not one Islamic State is prepared to absorb
all the Palestinian Arabs who refuse to submit to Israeli Laws and live
peacefully in Israel? Why can't they go and live in any Islamic land like
Saudi Arabia or even Pakistan from which non Muslim have been expelled?

While the world tolerates the ISLAMIC republics from Morocco to Indonesia,
these Muslims are not willing to tolerate even a tiny Israel. What a
ridiculous situation!

Though after PARTITION the Muslims have NO business to be in PARTITIONED
India, we see their terror.

Government of India is behaving like their "concubine". In other words, the
Muslims in PARTITIONED India are "riding" the Government as if it was a mule
or a donkey.

Only after decades could this Indian government muster guts to recognize
Israel. Even now there is very little bi-lateral trade between a terrified
HINDU India and the Jewish State of Israel. (Editor's Note: The author is in
error here. Actually there are currently billions of dollars of mostly
militarily trade going on between India and Israel)

We feel that Israel ought to take initiatives in giving some self-esteem to
the one billion crushed and terrified Hindus of India. To start with, they
ought to be encouraged to re-build their grand Temple at the site of birth of
Lord Rama.

This Temple was dealt with by the Afghan marauder BABUR just as his
descendants have dealt with the two grand statues of Budda in Afghanistan.

All the Hindus look towards Israel and say, "BE STRONG. The entire mauled and
devastated South Asia is looking up to YOU in order to recover its 'HINDU
territory' and to stand up on its own feet."

They can only live peacefully by pushing ISLAM BACK TO MECCA where it
suddenly EXPLODED like the biggest ideological nuclear BOMB of history with
the birth of one man, and went on destroying Temples, killing Kafirs,
devastating civilisations, raping girls and women, plundering, and occupying
TERRITORY, more TERRITORY and STILL MORE TERRITORY, reducing the surface of
the earth that is left for all the democracies and human freedoms.

A massive retaliation or RESPONSE is overdue.

Inst. of Hindu Ideology

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