How you can help Steve Plaut fight the libel suit against him:

Help defray Prof. Plaut's legal costs.  To do so contact him at

Let the following people know that it is disgraceful that a member of the Ben Gurion faculty
is filing frivolous lawsuits to silence free speech in Israel.

Write to Professor Avishay Braverman, President of Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheba 84105 Israel.
Letters to the American Associates of Ben Gurion University (AABGU) should
be sent to 1430 Broadway, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10018. Zvi Alon is
President of AABGU and Seth Moskowitz is the Executive Vice-President.
(phone: 212-687-7721; fax: 212-302-6443; email:

How you can help Arutz 7

FINES OF CLOSE TO $200,000 HAVE BEEN LEVIED ON ARUTZ-7! Your contribution can make a difference. Send just your phone number to <> and Arutz-7 will contact you.

Support Anti-SLAPP laws

Libel suits for the purpose of suppressing free speech are common in the world and they have become known in the US as SLAPP Suits.  Many states in the US now have anti-SLAPP laws.   For an excellent web site that reviews
these and legal cases involving suppression of free speech through suing for libel, see  You can see that Israel is desperately in need of an anti-SLAPP law.  You
might want to write to a Knesset member and urge that these be passed in Israel.

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