Israeli Fund Transfers to the Palestinian Authority
Dr. Steven Plaut
Fri, 17 Nov 2000

   If there is one thing that should have been learned from the past 7 years, it is that one should always be extremely wary about using the expression, "The Israeli government could not possibly do anything stupider."

   Time after time, people who have used this phrase, including myself, have been proven to be naive optimists.

   So now along comes Ehud Barak to remind everyone that things can ALWAYS get stupider. Folks, Barak has now agreed in principle to allow 2000 international "observers" into the "territories" as soon as Arafat agrees in principle to sit down and accept more Israeli concessions at the negotiations table.

   Now we already know what these "observers" do. Their job is to ignore Arab terrorist attacks against Israel and then report in depth whenever Israel should carry out any limp wristed reprisal or any act of defense. The observers are likely to be from such bastions of Palestinian cheerleading as France. The only reason Arafat even wants them is so that they will always get in the way and prevent Israel from defending itself from pogromchiks. That was what those international "observers" did all along when Rabin allowed them into Hebron. The very definition of their role - to protect Palestinians from Israel - reveals their mission and mindset. Makes as much sense as would sending observers to defend Japanese trawlers from whales or seal hunters in Labrador from attacks by baby seals.

   The international "observers" in Lebanon have the same mission, which is part of why Israel never does anything to strike back at the Hizbollah. These observers never seem able to observe terrorists infiltrating toward Israel or even just throwing rocks at the yids, and on more than one occasion have explained that their job is NOT to prevent freedom fighters from attacking occupiers of Arab lands. The Hizbollah often shoots katyushas from literally right under the noses of these "observers". You may recall that when one team of Hizbollers fired Katyushas from inches away from the UN observer post in Lebanon back when Shimon Peres was calling the shots, the Israeli returned fire landed in the UN camp and killed some Shi'ite villagers seeking shelter there. Peres was then denounced as a war criminal by the world, to our eternal amusement.

   Ever wonder how Palestinians pay for groceries? I mean, they obviously don't have jobs, which is why they have so much free time to spend on the streets throwing rocks and bombs and shooting at Jews. Apparently their kids do not go to school, which is a shame because it means they are missing out on all those lessons in math such as: Take two dead Jews and add three dead Jews, what is the sum total? SO who is paying their bills? The obvious answer is Arafat and the Reichlet. But that just begs the NEXT question: Where are THEY getting money from?

   That answer of course is the Israeli government. Despite mass murders, mutilations, firings into Jerusalem neighborhoods (oh, did you catch the BBC describing Gilo yesterday as a "Jewish settlement near Jerusalem on Palestinian lands"?), bombings, etc., Barak faithfully turns over cash to the PLO to finance the riots. (Yediot last weekend ran a nice expose of how large amounts of this tribute actually end up in the personal private accounts of the various SS leaders of the PLO.)

   But at the same time that Barak feeds the PLO's pogrom machine with cash, the PLO has reneged on countless loans to ordinary Israeli commercial outfits, such as stores and suppliers. These have been demanding an offset or netting out of debts.

   This month, Barak held up transfer of $45 million to the Reichlet due to these debts. (Maariv Nov 17; Haaretz says Barak might stop shipments to the Reichlet of fuels.) The Finance Ministry insist it is for pure commercial reasons and has NOTHING to do with Israeli policy vis-a-vis the atrocities and the war the PLO is running. Until the High Holiday pogroms, Israel was turning over a cool 220 million NIS to the Reichlet EVERY MONTH. This money includes paying the salaries of the Palestinian Authority's "police", those Wehrmacht commanders lynching Israelis and firing into Gilo. yes, they get their monthly salaries paid by ISRAEL!! (Maariv Nov 17, 00) Oh, Haaretz Nov 17 insists Israel has no "legal right" to refuse to pay tribute money to the PLO. And when the US froze the bank accounts of Nazi Germany and the Japanese in the 1940s, that must have been illegal as well. Really.

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