When a crime is committed the criminal has a lot of incentive to cover it up.  If there are witnesses the criminal has the incentive to silence the witnesses.  The cover up can be more evil than the deed being covered up.  

    President Clinton engaged in a lot of covering up of both the illegal way he financed his campaign and his extramarital affairs.  Some people don't consider President Clinton's adulterous affairs that bad.  I have heard justifications such as "No man can resist a woman" and "There but for the grace of God go I".  Whatever one's opinions about this, his behavior created an incentive to cover it up.  In addition to discrediting them he threatened them.  According to an article in the New York Post by Dick Morris a former advisor of the President,

"the Clintons surrounded themselves with a staff designed to deflect blame and scrutiny. As the bimbo threat escalated, spinmeisters were added to the payroll - experts at turning negatives stories around. Private detectives - the secret police - were engaged to hunt down women rumored to have had sexual encounters with Clinton and to dig up enough private dirt on them to cow them into silence or to get them to sign lying affidavits that they had not had sex with Clinton."

    He started discrediting and threatening women who he had affairs with because he didn't want the truth to come out.  Even people who wink at adultery would have trouble justifying that. 

   Clinton also covered up the way he financed his campaign.   According to the New York Post (3/11/2000) he prevented thousands of subpoenaed White House e-mails containing information on everything from Monica Lewinsky to campaign-finance abuses to Filegate from being  turned over to the grand jury and congressional committees seeking them by declaring them classified.  Officials at Northrop Grumman Corp., which administered the White House computers, told the paper they were threatened with "jail" if they told anyone about the e-mails.

   The president is supposed to set a moral example for the rest of the nation.  His crooked behavior can only encourage immoral behavior by everyone else. 

More examples of Evil Leading to More Evil:

    Injecting oneself with crack is a good example of how evil leads to more evil.   Once one becomes addicted one has to support one's habit.  Women may do that by becoming prostitutes and men by becoming thieves.   Once one steals one maybe discovered and in order to save oneself from prison, may kill the discoverer.  Or one may kill in order to get the money in the first place.  

    Not only does committing an immoral act make it likely that we will commit more immoral acts, it also changes our character so that we become more evil. 

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