Supposing you are a man who wants to find a spouse during or after a divorce?  You will have less money to offer the woman you want to marry since part of the money will go to your lawyer another part to your ex-wife another part to child support.  In addition you may have to save money for your childrens college education.  A woman I knew who had dated a divorced man complained to me that he was financially strapped because of these reasons and so didn't have much of a lifestyle to offer her.

   Divorces can be emotionally very painful experiences.   The financially strapped man I just referred to was also going through the emotional wringer and the woman who complained to me about his finances also complained that he couldn't offer her anything emotionally.

    Children can turn away a spouse especially if they are badly behaved.  I had a male friend who was very attracted to a divorced woman he was dating and would keep describing her to me as "beautiful".  Yet a major reason he left her was because her children were so badly behaved.  He was anxious about taking on the responsibility of fatherhood to begin with and he felt he would be miserable living with those children.  If children are well behaved that can be an obstacle also but at least in that case a divorced person can offer to be the father of someone elses kids if they will be the mother of his kids.

    I dated a woman who had a child and one of my fears was of her jealous ex who had visitation rights.  I was afraid to have this person jealous of me if I married the mother of his child.

    Some people are afraid that if a person was in a divorce it may be because they were bad spouses, so just the idea that someone was divorced can push some people away. 

    I do know divorced people who have remarried, they face problems however that people who were never married do not face. 


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