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   It used to be that for many of us who had the urge to share our opinions with the world our options were limited.  In Preinternetoric times we could write a letter to the editor to make our views known.   We could call into a radio station and later find out to our chagrin that our boss had tuned in just at that moment. Some of the more radical of us might have turned to graffitti.  If we happened to be a tourist in the Speaker's Corner of Hyde Park in London, with a return trip that day and no plans to come back, some of us might have climbed on top of a crate and make speeches to the passers by as some fellow is doing in the picture above.  Now thanks to the internet we do not have to ascend crates to get our opinions known.  If you wish to post an opinion on this bulletin board click here.  If you wish to search the articles click here.  You can also click on the posting in the frame above and reply to it once it is displayed.

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