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by (Amenophis IV)

This essay was written by (Amenophis IV) and posted to alt.religion.scientology on 24 Jul 1996.

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Targeting celebrity vulnerability

When Scientology targets celebrities, it focuses on three kinds: those who are on their way down - they have a reason to listen; those who haven't made it yet, they also have a reason to listen because they want to get on top; and those who have made it but have some sort of severe problem in their lives that makes them vulnerable.

Scientology also exploits celebrities' vulnerability by providing a false but seemingly "meaningful" new role for their celebrity power. Scientology involvement suggests to the celebrity that they are going to be more than just fluff and frill, or another Hollywood empty headed pretty face or a sex symbol.

Scientology gradually suggests to targeted celebrities that by joining this world movement they become part of a secret and special elite and are gaining a "world historic destiny" for their celebrity power. In the shallow celebrity world of Hollywood this is a powerful initial intoxication and inducement to get involved.

What do the celebrities get from Scientology?

Scientology celebrities aren't endorsing Scientology just because they personally like it. They are getting a lot more than the average member gets. What they get is:
  1. Some free services and discounted services. In the HCO PL 1 January 1963 policy letter Hubbard says: "Central Orgs (organizations) are instructed to process selected celebrities who are just beyond or who are just coming into their prime. The pay is to be any contribution you would care to make if we have helped. No other pay is demanded."

What's expected from celebrities in Scientology

Every possible effort, pressure, and sales tactic is brought to bear on existing celebrity membership to recruit other new celebrities into Scientology. Celebrities are heavily indoctrinated to their duty and responsibility of recruiting new celebrities.

They also are expected to constantly promote and talk about Scientology. Recruiting and other Scientology promoting activities proves their loyalty to the organization and approves their security clearance to go to the next secret level.

Celebrity activity is closely monitored. If they don't promote Scientology in their media coverage or if they don't promote it at their events or do special events for Scientology their loyalty is questioned.

The antics of Tom Cruise are an example of how Scientology uses celebrities to recruit for them (New York Times 6/2/05).  Tom Cruise insisted on having a Scientology tent on the set of "War of the Worlds"  Some executives from the United International Pictures, which is releasing "War of the Worlds" overseas, complained earlier about being asked to take a four-hour tour of Scientology facilities in Los Angeles in late January

Cruise criticized Brooke Shields for becoming dependant on Paxil, following the birth of her daughter Rowan. But Shields took a swipe at his Scientology beliefs, by saying she wouldn't take advice from someone who devotes his life to creatures from outer space.

"His comments are dangerous. He should stick to saving the world from aliens, she said.

How Scientology keeps control over its Hollywood members

In the beginning of the recruiting process for celebrities and non celebrities alike, Scientology uses personality and other tests to cull out which target members are the most suggestible from the least suggestible. These tests and exercises inform Scientology staff about who can and can't be put into hypnotic trance. If a person can't go in a trance, they usually don't stay in Scientology long, because almost all of Scientology's techniques are based upon covert hypnosis and the increased suggestibility hypnosis produces.

The celebrities who are still in Scientology have passed the hypnotic suggestibility culling process. That is not to say that celebrities are statistically any more hypnotically suggestible than anyone else in the population. It just means that through its clever culling process Scientology has isolated them and has "worked" their other vulnerabilities to establish and maintain their control over the celebrity.

In the next step of the recruiting process, Scientology celebrities are bombarded with hyped-up, hypnosis imbalanced "success stories." Moments after completing every suggestion pregnant hypnotic Scientology counseling session the celebrity targets are then REQUIRED to write their own glowing "success stories." (In many of these counseling sessions Scientology buries the hypnotic suggestion for the intended result in the questions being asked.)

After their own "counseling" sessions, celebrities are taken to a public area and admiration- bombed for their Scientology success. They are NOT allowed to have any objective testing time after they have been put in the covert hypnosis to verify the legitimacy of what's happened to them.

Then they are controlled by social pressure by having signed their names to glowing unverified testimonials. Very few people will later admit that they signed or claimed something that wasn't true or fairly tested. It is just too embarrassing for most people to admit they were so thoroughly conned or controlled.

Controlling celebrities' relationships

Gradually, but methodically, Scientology will try to directly or indirectly isolate the celebrity from anyone who is not in the pro-Scientology camp. First Scientologists do it by just occupying as much of the celebrities 24 hour day as possible. They get the celebrity to lots of courses and events and wherever possible they surround them with as many fellow Scientologists as they can.

Soon the celebrities are seeing less and less of their old non-Scientology friends, and these old relationships seem less and less important. If the celebrity starts having any problems with their old non Scientology girlfriends or mates they will often find "miraculously" attractive Scientology females or males directly or indirectly will start to befriend them. Numerous celebrities have ended up dumping their old girlfriends or wives and marrying Scientology staff members because of these deliberate isolation and manipulative befriending efforts.

Today's confessions will be used tomorrow

In Scientology there's a heavy emphasis on confessions. The celebrities get hooked into telling their "crimes" under the guise of obtaining emotional guilt relief. Great efforts are made to get the celebrities to confess all of their sins, all of their crimes, all of their sexual habits. Scientology then records and in some cases, videotapes these confessions.

Scientology is smart enough to know that when the celebrities confess such embarrassing and incriminating things it allows powerful control over them, because if it was made public it could destroy their careers. What the celebrities don't know is that there are secret internal Scientology policies that were seized in the FBI raid where it states that the intelligence people are under strict policy orders to use this information if needed. If somebody starts to go against Scientology the intelligence people grab their confessions, and imply, hint or state or that the materials out of the confessions will be leaked. (See G.O. order 121669 which allows reading of PC files to gather information to use against the person. The FBI seized many incriminating summaries of PC files cullings.)

From a former member: "While Case Supervisor in 1978 at the Celebrity Center Mission in Las Vegas, Bruce Hamilton of the Las Vegas Guardian's Office came to see me and asked me to go through my PC (preclears) files and to provide him with any information which had been disclosed in auditing sessions which I thought would be helpful to control the person and would be "helpful to his cause." When I disagreed with these "Gestapo type tactics" he told me that these orders came "directly from Los Angeles" or "this comes directly from Clearwater", and that if I didn't comply, it would be "treason"."

From another former member's deposition (Andre Tabayoyon): Tom Cruise's p.c. (pre-clear) folder was kept in the Gold case supervision (c/s) office which I had access to as a security missionaries. It contains supposedly confidential information derived during auditing sessions. However, the contents of such pre-clear folders have been culled and used against people. It is my opinion, based on my Scientology training, education and experience, that such information is collected by the Scientology organization in order to be able to exert control and influence over people such as Tom Cruise or John Travolta, should they ever attempt to leave the Scientology organization.

The Travolta story is a good example of this tactic. John Travolta has long served as an unofficial Scientology spokesman, even though he told a magazine in 1983 that he was opposed to the church's management. High-level defectors claim that Travolta has long feared that if he defected, details of his homosexual and bisexual life would be made public.

"He (Travolta) felt pretty intimidated about this getting out and told me so," recalls William Franks, the church's former chairman of the board. "There were no outright threats made, but it was implicit. If you leave, they immediately start digging up everything." Franks was driven out in 1981 after attempting to reform the church.

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