Blackmail & Blood: the Method of the "Peace,"

Dr. Eugene Narrett
Boston University

     The current phase of the long Arab war against Israel and the Jewish people began a few days before Rosh HaShana and it offers a uniquely clear window on the method and purposes of the "peace process." It began when a "Palestinian policeman" [both terms are fraudulent] sprayed his Jewish patrol partners with bullets, wounding two and killing one. This put an expressive exclamation point to all the ill-conceived "confidence-building measures" of which Oslo was built.  Spokesmen for various PLO factions and "ministries" have since emphasized that this and subsequent murders were premeditated aspects of a strategy to advance the Arab negotiating position. They have "forced Israel to face the possibility and burden of re-occupying the territories and a long term resistance war" said Fatah Central Committee member, Sakhr Habash (11-04-00, web site Marwan Barghouti, head of Fatah and its militia gangs ("Tanzim") and Arafat's "Strategic Advisor" Hani al Hassan repeatedly made the same point (10-12, 10-22-00, Al Hayat al Yedida, see #43). Barghouti explained, "the intifada sets a new rule. We will not be imprisoned by the negotiating table" (10-17-00, ibid. al Jazira). Barghouti regularly publishes schedules for specific acts of violence in specific locations (10-08, 10-12, 10-17, 10-23).

     Lest anyone misunderstand that when the Arabs say intifada plus negotiations they mean war, Arafat's Minister of International Planning, Nabil Sha'ath added, "the Palestinian people are a people that fights with weapons, with martyrdom, with intifadas, with suicide bombings. We are destined to fight and negotiate simultaneously." World take note.

     These explicit descriptions of the multi-faceted Arab plan for war go back decades. Consider those from late summer. In mid-August, on the 9th of Av, PLO Minister Feisal Husseini and Arab MK Ahmed Tibi led mobs chanting,

In blood and fire we will redeem Jerusalem.

     PLO Communications Minister Imad Faluji stated

We are capable of blowing up Israeli cities. We will strike at Israel's heart" (Arutz-sheva, 08-16).

     At this same time, the DNC was addressed by Muslim Public Affairs Council Maher Hathout who has termed Hezbollah "a legitimate freedom-fighting organization"). In Israel, the General Secretary of the PLO Cabinet, Ahmed Abdel Rahman warned that Jews in Judea and Samaria "will become hostages when we begin implementing our sovereignty and the conflict will reach a new level" (Ha'Aretz, 08-21-00).

     Contrary to leftist dismissal of Arab rhetoric, they said it and they meant it. Said it, meant it and forecast the precise arc on which they would ride Oslo for all it was worth. "When Israel will say, 'that's it. No more, we refuse to talk about [dividing] Jerusalem, we will not allow the refugees [sic] to return, we will not evacuate the [Jewish] settlements,' we will naturally return to violence. By then, we will have 30,000 armed soldiers in our cities, on land with a large measure of freedom" (Nabil Sha'ath in Shechem, 01-96, recorded by Palestinian Media Watch). Those who defined their identity and status by the Oslo delusion would not listen, or discounted it as rhetoric. The price of their deafness and delusion is now being paid in Jewish blood.

     Another reason this latest phase of the long Arab war against Israel is so illuminating about the Madrid-Oslo-Wye-Camp David II process is that it has been punctuated by numerous interventions by members of the Clinton administration, including the lame-duck himself. Indeed, Mr. Clinton made it clear several times in October that he would use Messrs. Barak and Arafat to "negotiate an "agreement until January 20" (Ha'Aretz, 10-23). Clinton's Middle East insiders are pushing Israel to accept international "observers" in Judea and Samaria, thus advancing toward the Arab goal of using the UN and NATO to destroy Israeli sovereignty (Ha'Aretz, 11-02, Israel TV, 11-05-00, forwarded by IMRA). Mr. Clinton will protect Jews as NATO protects Serbs in Bosnia and Kosovo. He also proposes to mediate a deal to "share" Jerusalem, thus formalizing the State Department's longstanding refusal to recognize the city as the capital of Israel.

     The pressure on Israel consists of very ugly and violent forms of blackmail that will continue until Clinton leaves the White House. It is thus timely to examine the logic of the shredding and crushing of Israel meant to serve as the crown jewel of his legacy. Pinned to that jewel is his tool, Ehud Barak.

     The role of Ehud Barak is to cripple Israel's ability and will to respond vigorously when it is attacked by Arabs. His method has three main aspects: he hamstrings the IDF; he rewards Arab violence by unilateral concessions; and he (and Peres) excuse Arafat for aggression and maintain the fiction that he is a diplomat and statesman rather than a murderous enemy.

     One, as Defense Minister and with his Chief of Staff, Shaul Mofaz, Barak micro-manages the IDF. In the midst of the crisis, only the Chief of Staff can authorize the use of helicopters. Only the Major General in the three regional command areas can authorize the use of tanks and heavy machine guns. Even "the use of light weapons must be authorized by the regional Brigade commander." To complete the binding of the Israeli soldier, they may use live fire "only if their lives are in danger" and even then, "to shoot [only] at the legs of the protestors" (Ha-Aretz, 10-31-00). As Dr. Aaron Lerner suggested, it appears that Barak and his politically correct Chiefs of Staff "do not trust its officers in the field." How can they, when their orders hamstring their nation in the midst of war? Junior officers and grunts would prefer to win than lose. Increasing numbers of them are volunteering for duty in Yesha (Yediot Ahronot, 10-18). The above-noted "live-fire" restrictions reveal why Arab deaths total in the scores, rather than the tens of thousands after six weeks of attacks on Jewish civilians, policemen and soldiers.

     Needless to say, Israel's suicidal self-restraint provokes scorn and blame rather than respect from the international media and the UN. The Red Cross even seems unperturbed that PLO ambulances carry snipers and ammunition. But Barak trudges on, doing Clinton's dirty work. Officers complain increasingly that phoning Arafat with warnings before retaliation and firing into empty buildings or into the ground "has no deterrent effect" and are purely public relations (Ha'Aretz, 11-01). Nadav Shragai put it succinctly, "Barak does not want to win this war. The aim has been defined not as victory or trouncing the enemy but as preserving the enemy's potential as our dialog partner in the future" (Ha'Aretz, 10-22-00). Rather than employ all means to protect Jews, he added, the IDF High Command seems to prefer to prevent Arabs from being killed. Certainly, this describes the unforgivable failure to promptly rescue the 37 Jewish hikers on Mt. Ebal October 19 when they were pinned down for eight hours by Arab snipers while Rabbi Benjamin Herling, a holocaust survivor, bled to death. It is the same at the northern border, "hands tied, situation untenable" (Ha'Aretz [Hebrew edition] 100-29-00). Such is the success of Barak's retreat from southern Lebanon. Two, Barak rewards (and thus incites) Arab violence by responding to it with unilateral concessions.

     On October 04, a week into the Arab siege of Joseph's Tomb, COS Mofaz announced that if it continued, the IDF would withdraw. In effect, this statement invited further attacks. Two days later the IDF did withdraw and the Arabs destroyed the yeshiva and Tomb, murdering Rabbi Hillel Lieberman in the process. The failure to retaliate signaled Israeli weakness. This encouraged the Arabs on October 12 to abduct, murder and dismember Jewish reservists in Ramallah. When Barak responded by phoning Arafat to provide three hours warning before firing a few missiles into the empty PLO police station, it mainly allowed the media to position their cameras and spend the next week featuring clips of "brutal [Israeli] chopper attacks." Again the Arabs got the message that Barak would not respond meaningfully, so the next day they torched the "Peace to Israel" synagogue in Jericho. When that led to further pledges of "restraint" by Barak, the Arabs attacked the hikers on Mt. Ebal. In between, Mr. Clinton brokered the "Sharm el Sheik understandings" that secured the withdrawal of IDF troops that had limited the ability of Arab militias to attack Jewish towns and established September 28 as the status quo ante and new benchmark for negotiations. That is, the Arabs improved their position by violence, just as they intended. And so the cycle resumed. Within minutes of Clinton's "peace initiative," Barghouti called it "null and void." The abduction, murder and mutilation of more Jews in Ramallah and Jerusalem ensued, and the neighborhood of Gilo in Jerusalem was partly evacuated due to Palestinian shooting. For a few days, a tank sat uselessly on the street. Then it was withdrawn. Barak struck a bold pose and proclaimed, "we won't be dragged into adventures" (Yediot Ahronot, 11-04). But it is clear that Oslo was the most insanely reckless "adventure" an Israeli government has ever pursued. The most gruesome, blameworthy and revealing aspect of this rewarding the Arabs for their violence is that Barak's cabinet and bureaucrats, pushed by Kofi Anan and the State Department, continue to provide $15 million a month subsidy to the PLO plus all its electricity including phone service. Simply put, Barak is paying the Arabs to murder Jews. His behavior as PM is lawless in the worst sense. Three, Barak and his accomplice, Shimon Peres maintain a media campaign that absolves Arafat from blame for the war he and his lieutenants have planned, announced, publicly scheduled and praised. The evening of November 01, when the IDF was on the verge of a significant response, Arafat threatened "war" if Peres did not meet with him. Guru of the "New Middle East" Peres duly flitted down to Gaza and returned to announce new "understandings." The next day, the Arabs set off a car bomb in Jerusalem, murdering two Jews. Peres continued to boast of his diplomatic achievement. Complementing this protection of Arafat is Barak's willingness to attend numerous meetings like Sharm el Sheik at which, simply by posing as Arafat's bookend he helps the media create a false image of moral equivalence between the PLO and Israel. There duly follows another American "bridging proposal" between the all-or-nothing Arab demand and repeated Israeli concessions. Thus Barak guides the Jewish State toward the abyss. (It reflects the magnitude of Clinton-Rodham hypocrisy that they do not mention the religious 'hate-crime' aspect of the Islamic jihad against Jews. And of the media who resist reporting the sermons that exhort Muslims to "kill Jews wherever you find them, in any country, kill them without mercy, and those Americans who are like them").

     The goal of all this treachery is the subtext of the entire Oslo adventure: to allow and encourage the Arabs to make life for Jews in Israel, and in Judea, Samaria and Gaza especially so miserable that they will leave without Israeli or NATO troops having to remove them directly. Barak is complicit in allowing a war of attrition in which Jewish towns and neighborhoods are shot up for weeks at a time. A war in which Jews are left to bleed to death in the field until they give up their hold on the Land promised to them by God Almighty. The internationalists and leftists never wanted, and still intend to abort a Jewish State in the heartland of Israel. They mean to make Jewish life there so precarious that either Jewish faith will be crushed or the "compassionate" UN will come in to solve the Jewish problem in the name of "peace." In the last ugly act of his bloody and corrupt administration, Clinton will oversee the ethnic cleansing of Jews "in order to prevent a regional war" that he and his flunkies have procured.

     Unilateral Israeli withdrawals and suicidal self-restraint signal weakness and guilt that also will spark an upsurge in worldwide anti-Semitism, already visible. In response, some in government will propose (have already proposed) repressive "security" measures to "protect Jews" who in turn will be blamed for the loss of civil liberties. It is a vicious complement to the direct assault on a Jewish Israel and the religious faith it recalls. Christians should recognize that they are the next targets.

     The wheel will come full circle. Clinton & Co. have enflamed Islamic extremism that will not subside with the expulsion of Jews from Judah. Abandoning one's own people or one's allies signals weakness and corruption and invites attack from an expansionist creed that sees the non-Muslim world as a dar el harb ("the realm of war." See article in the Washington Post 11-05). As he flits off to the IMF, Clinton will leave a legacy of violence and crisis for the global managers to exploit at the expense of ordinary citizens. If this circle isn't broken, the new century will be more miserable, unjust and bloody than the last.

Eugene Narrett teaches at Boston University

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