Appeasement Cycles

Although group A and group B are referred to in this cycle a similar cycle can apply to individuals as well.

Member of group A who wish to appease group B view members of group A who wish to stand up against group B as troublemakers who will bring about conflict.

Group A becomes divide by internal conflicts and weakened. Group B becomes encouraged to make more demands. Group B may become more powerful as a result of concessions of Group A, Group B increases demands on Group A
Members of group A rationalize that Group B is justified in their demands and that if they  give in to Group B, Group B will become peaceful and stop making demands. images/acycle.gif (14544 bytes) Hostility

Group B threatens  Group A

Group A feels low self esteem about yielding to Group B's threats.

Group A gives in to demands of Group B

Group A feels fear of Group B

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