The treason described in this web site has outraged me enough so that I was motivated to create this web site.  This web site is under development and the countries selected were selected not because they are the worst but because I would have expected better from them.

    Some of this treason results from a twisted utopian ideology.  This web site gives examples of betrayal by both the left and right wing. 

The Left Wing:

    The liberal belief that society creates criminals has led to the beliefs that  criminals should have excellent living conditions in prison and that they should be released as soon as possible and not jailed at all if the living conditions are not good enough.  This has led to criminals who should be locked up roaming the streets.  This is a betrayal of the innocent people who will become their victims.

    The liberal belief in equal opportunity for all has led to reverse discrimination and taking away opportunity from one group and giving it to another.

    The liberal belief in equal opportunity for college education for all  has led to open admission policies and the deterioration of once great institutions such as the City College of New York.  As a result the quality education once available at CCNY for all is available to no one.

    Distortions of the liberal dream of eradicating poverty by distributing wealth and dismantling of businesses has led to socialist regimes in which everyone is poor.

    The liberal ideal of compassion and understanding of the enemy has sometimes  led to  support for the enemy and betrayal.

    The liberal beliefs in  understanding and tolerance are rarely extended to the conservative opposition.   Although the liberals often talk about moral relativism and moral equivalence they rarely see such equivalence when it comes to those with conservative ideologies.


The Right Wing:

    Conservative ideology normally stresses pride in one's country and in recognizing the evil in the enemy.  This can be distorted in ignoring the legitimate grievances of the "enemy" and unjust military action against the enemy.  The Soviet conservatives, for example, have supported suppression of dissent and of forcing countries to be unwilling members of the Soviet Union.


    The upper left window has a list of countries.  When the country is clicked on a list of historical examples of betrayal by the left of that country appears in the middle left window.  When the items in the middle left window are clicked the example that they refer to appears in this window (the window on the right).

    You can correspond with us by clicking on the lower left mail box icon.  If you submit an example for us to post on the web page please specify if you wish your name to be included with the example.

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