Beauty and Power

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others;
For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness,
and for poise,
Walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.

Audrey Hepburn



Beauty is only skin deep
But that's deep enough for me

Groucho Marx

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    Beauty is power. An example of that is the morning glory flower. A major thing that propagates the morning glory flower is its beauty. Its beauty is the reason I bought the seeds, cleared out other plants from an area, planted the seeds, watered them, and put in stakes for the morning glory vines to climb on. These vines can't move. They can't uproot other plants. They can't collect stakes and put them into the ground. They don't need to because of their beauty people will collect the stakes for them.

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     Another example is the huge amount of money that beautiful models, actresses and singers have. Most female singers who have become rich are beautiful and that beauty is part of the reason for their success. The huge amounts of money they acquire is partly a testimony to the power of beauty. The above picture is of Mariah Carey a beautiful singer who became very wealthy through sales of her songs.

     Power attracts beauty. That is discussed on the attraction page of this web site.  Beauty attracts power. Beautiful women are more likely to marry powerful men and so gain power themselves. Even without marrying wealthy men their beauty and sex appeal can help them rise in the business world.  In Donald Trump's reality show, The Apprentice, Eight beautiful women compete with eight beautiful men for a job in Trump's organization with a starting salary of $250,000.  Dahlia Lithwick wrote an article about it called "Breast for Success"  (Slate 2/6/04).  She wrote that:

The men's team has lost for four weeks running, with one man "fired" at the end of each show. 

and that the men

trudge stolidly along, with their business plans and their management principles, getting their butts kicked and trying to take it manfully.   These guys have nothing - not power, not sex.  The currency that once counted for them - their MBAs and the ability to sink a 3 pointer, jingles like loose pennies in their pockets.

Regarding the women's flirty behavior Dahlia writes:

...overall the sex for power bargain is working for them.  They are on their way up.  There is perfect synergy between what the young women want and what the old men have, all the show's sparks comes from that truth.

   There is also perfect synergy between what the old men want and what the young women have, beauty.

   What about successful woman do they want a man with more money than they have?   What a silly question of course.  MSN Dating and Personals had an article about that.


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