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From: Clay Tucker-Ladd <cetucker@fcg.net>  

I got your site this time. Interesting. Your descriptions and
discussions of helpful psychological concepts are quite clear and
practical. What is your training? You don't sound like a philosopher.
What do you think of my chapter 3, which deals with philosophy of life?

I didn't read all your observations, but I wondered why you felt the
need to suggest that a machine wouldn't be likely to have consciousness?
What is we humans became smart enough to create (manufacture) a living
brain exactly like anyone else"s along with a functioning body, would it
have consciousness? I would suppose so, why not? But what is the point?

Best wishes with your site.

Psychological Self-Help (http://mentalhelp.net/psyhelp/)

Response to Dr. Tucker-Ladd

     It's true that an we have every reason to expect an exact duplicate of a human being to be conscious but by duplicating the material aspect of a human being we would still not be duplicating the conscious part..  Computers are not conscious.  This topic is relevant to my religion section.

    I am not formally trained in philosophy and I don't agree with most philosophy that I have read. 



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