Michael Benge a former POW from North Vietnam, told Jamie Glasov in an interview (The POWs we Left Behind, frontpagemag.com 8/25/05):

If you read the memories of people like North Vietnam's Defense Minister General Giap, he as does several others, states that we had North Vietnam on their knees and they were staring at defeat if the U.S. had continued the war.  Vietnamization was a success, for the South Vietnamese successfully beat back and defeated the North Vietnamese in their two major offensives after the U.S. had pulled out.  However, the South Vietnamese still had U.S. air support.  It was when U.S. politicians, using Senator John Kerry's false testimony before the Foreign Relations committee, cut off all funding for military operations in S.E. Asia, which meant that we could no longer provide resupplies or air support to the South Vietnamese. Senator John Kerry is immortalized with his picture in Vietnam's war museums as the epitome of the anti-war movement that helped the North Vietnamese win the war.

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