An article that appeared in Readers Digest (p125 October 1999) called Shot by a Laser tells how the Russians used lasers in peace time to damage the eyes of American pilots and how the Clinton administration swept that under the rug as part of his appeasement policy of the Russians.  This story is also discussed in the book Betrayal by Bill Gertz.  

    Israel appeased Russia by withholding weapons from Georgia.  That hasn't stopped Russia from arming Syria.  Obama appeased Russia by cancelling a Czech and Polish missile defense system.  Charles Krauthammer wrote:

This major concession, together with a New START treaty far more needed by Russia than America, was supposed to ease U.S.-Russia relations, assuage Russian opposition to missile defense, and enlist its assistance in stopping Iran’s nuclear program.

Three years in, how is that “reset” working out? The Russians are back on the warpath about missile defense. They’re denouncing the watered-down Obama substitute. They threaten not only to target any Europe-based U.S. missile defenses but also to install offensive missiles in Kaliningrad. They threaten additionally to withdraw from the New START treaty, which the administration had touted as a great foreign-policy achievement.

As for assistance on Iran, Moscow has thwarted us at every turn, weakening or blocking resolution after resolution. And now, when even the International Atomic Energy Agency has testified to Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Russia declares that it will oppose any new sanctions.

Finally, adding contempt to mere injury, Vladimir Putin responded to anti-government demonstrations by unleashing a crude Soviet-style attack on America as the secret power behind the protests. Putin personally accused Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of sending “a signal” that activated internal spies and other agents of imperial America.

The greatest threat to the free world is Iran and Russia has been assisting the regime’s missile, nuclear and even bio-weapons programs.  Sources in the Islamic regime previously have revealed exclusively to WND the existence of secret bio-weapons site in Iran, where, with the help of Russia, Iran has mastered production of eight microbial agents, arming its missiles with biological warheads, and a nuclear site at which, with Russian help, laser technology is enriching uranium.