In an article that appeared in Newsmax (Mar 27, 01) called Defector ConfirmsChinese Army Spying on U.S. the extent of strategic cooperation between the Clintonadministration and the People's Liberation Army is described.  The Clinton strategicpartnership with the People's Liberation Army included military training, computers,encrypted communications equipment, satellites and exclusive access to U.S. militaryfacilities inside America. Xu confirmed that Chinese army intelligence officers frequentlyabused civilian programs to mask their military and economic espionage. 

   The unfriendly nature of the Chinese is well illustrated bytheir collaboration with Al Qaeda.  According to Gordon Thomas, ( 5/2/04) securitycorrespondent for the London Sunday Express, Al-Qaida is financing its worldwide terroroperations by investing in blue-chip Australian stocks with the assistance of Beijing'spowerful Secret Intelligence Service (SIS).

WASHINGTON (AP) . President Clinton, backed by his senior advisers,decided Monday against the sale of four Aegis destroyers to Taiwan, but approved a smallerpackage including long-range radar designed to detect missile launches, two senior U.S.officials said.

Sen. Jesse Helms, R-N.C., said the Pentagon was succumbing to pressurefrom the State Department and the White House ``to sacrifice Taiwan's security in order toappease the dictators in Beijing.''

``There is, quite simply, no military justification to deny Taiwan thesecrucial defensive items. These denials are driven by knee-jerk appeasement on the part ofthe White House and State Department,'' Helms, chairman of the Senate Foreign RelationsCommittee, said in a statement.

A showdown between the White House and Congress could develop overlegislation backed by Taiwan supporters to strengthen U.S.-Taiwanese military ties.

``The politicized handling of Taiwan's defense request . and the utterfailure of this administration to consult with Congress . is a clear demonstration why theTaiwan Security Enhancement Act is so urgently needed,'' Helms continued.

Administration officials have said they would recommend a presidentialveto if Congress tries to force the sale of arms to Taiwan.

From New York Post of Tuesday April 18, 2000

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