Is there Life On Other Planets?

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        Well if there is,with the way we keep sending messages out from Earth in our effort to find out, they maypay us a visit.   The one thing we have to fear is if they're more advanced than weare and just as nasty.  If they are capable of visiting us then they are moreadvanced than we are. 

    One could argue that there must beintelligent life in the universe because the universe is so vast and there are so manystars and planets.  The fact is even if there were trillions of planets with climatesidentical to earth we have no way of knowing what the odds are that life would exist onthem. 

    If you want to explore this topicfurther visit the UFO and Extraterrestrialweb page.  Turn on your speakers it has great sci-fi music in the background.  It has  links to 2803 UFO related web sites.  It's amazing that so many websites on the topic exist when no one even knows if extraterrestrial life exists.


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