Relationships Between the Sexes

    In nature the buck that beats the other bucks getsthe does. Among humans a man who has more bucks, power,status and looks is seen as moredesirable by women other things being equal. What's interesting about this is that evenwomen who have a lot of money and status tend to look for men with money and status. Menoften see a young beautiful woman as being more desirable than an older woman who has moremoney.

    I've noticed that women are often attracted to menwith a lot of enthusiasm. (I've also noticed a man who was very calm hitting it off withwomen so I'm not sure whether or not enthusiasm is important). 

    A woman told me that she was looking for a man whowasn't serious all the time, one who had a lighter side and made her laugh. She said shedidn't want to come home to a serious atmosphere. I myself am attracted to women who havea joie de vivre.

    There is an interesting aspect to this. Suppose a manfinds that he isn't successful with women. Supposing he harbors some hostility toward thembased on past rejections. Supposing he carries with him a fear of rejection. Then when heis around women he will most likely not be a bundle of joy. He won't be making her laugh.She will most likely reject him and a self feeding cycle toward rejection is thus created.

    If a couple starts fighting than a serious atmosphereis created and the attraction that came from a light happy atmosphere is gone. Frequentlywhen people become close, they have to adapt to each others needs and this createsproblems which can lead to fights. One way out that people take is to break up and findsomeone else. Of course as soon as they become involved with that other person the samepressures will develop. These people bounce between partners and never developing ameaningful relationship with any of them.



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