Relationships with Egoistic People

I have worked for many people with big egos. They become antagonized when one correctstheir mistakes. They become hostile when one makes a mistake. In fact when one makes amistake that is an opportunity for them to prove how superior they are to oneself. Theyenjoy dwelling on how inferior one is to them. Often they become angry when one askssimple questions that should be asked because they believe that they are above the personasking the question and shouldn't have to answer it. They often make unreasonable demands.These people want those who work for them to treat them as superior beings. They do notwant their judgement challenged and they want absolute obedience. If one is absolutelyobedient and never challenges their judgement, one can find oneself working very harddoing something that is a waste of time. If one never stands up for oneself the abuse willmost likely grow. On the other hand if one does stand up for oneself one may lose one''sjob and not obtain a good reference for another one.

To be successful one has to take other people''s egos and authority very seriously.Relationships with others is of primary importance. for a successful career.


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