There is a myth about white racism when probably the majority of racism in the modern time is black racism against whites.  White Girl Bleeds a lot is a book that demonstrates that there is widespread black racism toward whites and that the media tries to keep it quiet.

    Part of racism comes from fear that the other group will gain powerand use that power to do things that one doesn't want. Many white people fear black peoplemoving into their community. There the main fear is an increase in crime since blackneighborhoods have a reputation for high crime. Even without the crime people often seeanother group as a threat to their way of life. Often another group may be seen ascompetition for scarce jobs. They may be seen as a threat because they have a differentreligion and because they might influence young people to doubt their current religion.They may have different beliefs about morality. The fundamentalist Islamic world thinks ofwestern culture as decadent, whereas many in the West regard the fundamentalist Islamicworld as being composed of evil madmen. If Westerners moved into an Islamic neighborhoodor Muslims moved into a western neighborhood they would most likely be met with hostility.Often another group is not a threat and actually can enhance one's life by bringingprosperity and variety and new ideas. Another culture does not have to be a bad thing.People's fear and intolerance of other groups however, often turn them against the othergroups anyway.


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