Politicians are motivated to convince you that their policies are working even whenthey''re not so that you will vote for them. The press may be motivated to convince you ofthe same thing if they want the politician to stay in power. Politicians may believe thatthey know what''s best for the people even if the people disagree with them. Thepoliticians may believe that it''s best to keep information away from the people that willlead people to act against the policies that the politician thinks is best for them.

Often the political left see themselves as good and the political right as bad and thepolitical right sees themselves as good and the political left as bad It is informative toexamine what beliefs are generally associated with the left and right and to attempt todiscern what these beliefs have in common. In the United States in 1996 the political leftfavors more money to programs such as Medicare than the political right. The left favorschoice by women in deciding whether to have an abortion whereas the right does not. Theleft is for more tolerance of behavior such as homosexuality and sexual infidelity thenthe right. The left is for higher taxes than the right. The left is generally for morelenient sentences for criminals and for more money to be spent on improving the livingconditions of prisoners. The left is more likely to blame society for criminal behaviorand less likely to blame the criminal. The left is more likely to pass laws to forcepeople to behave in what the left considers is the way that is best for society.Affirmative action which forces people to hire based on race is an example.

The left is more likely to try and stop the spread of guns to both good and bad peoplewhereas the right would only attempt to stop guns spreading to criminals. The leftgenerally cuts defense spending whereas the right generally increases defense spending.The left generally sees the opponents of the system whether foreign or domestic as beingmore morally right than the right does. The right tends to see us as the good guys andthem as the bad guys. A general rule seems to be that the left tries to force moralbehavior on people or what it considers to be behavior for the common good. The left ismore likely to collect taxes and transfer it to "good causes". By doing so theleft is collecting power which is a dangerous thing because then a small group is in theposition to impose it''s will on a large group.

The opposite extreme is when there is no intervention by the government. In this casethe rich often get richer and power gravitates toward them. This is also dangerous. Thereis some optimal balance between the policies of the left and right.

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