Cooperation and competition are two conflictingchoices that we make. In different situations one is a better choice than the other. Thechoice that we make that is best for everyone is the moral choice. Actions that promotethe wellbeing of oneself to the detriment of the wellbeing of others is immoral. Purelyfrom the point of survival, it is imperative for mankind to have concern for others.

    Competition is often a good thing, for examplecompetition between companies can lead to a better and cheaper product then would existotherwise. On the otherhand it can lead to one company dominating and industry causing thecompetition to go out of business. Competition among individuals can lead to them to exceland to give more to society.

    We would not exist if it were not for cooperationbetween cells. This cooperation of cells leads to something much greater than theindividual cells, a human being. The most beautiful things in life, such as friendshiployalty and love are all part of caring for others. The meaning of what we do stems fromcaring for ourselves and others.

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