Thoughts about the existence of God

Often religious doctrine states that those who do not believe in a certain deity willgo to hell. That is a very dangerous belief. That belief encourages believers to viewnonbelievers as bad. Once they view nonbelievers as bad it is a small step to persecutingand exploiting the nonbelievers. What is important is how we treat one another and notwhat deity we believe in. If there is a good deity, that deity would not care whether webelieved in (his or her or its) existence, but would care about how we treated each other.

There are those who say that if you don't believe in God you'll do whatever you thinkyou can get away with. There are many people who don't believe in God who are good people.There is someone who always knows what you did and that is you. If you know you have doneimmoral things that will hurt your self esteem and ultimately will cheapen your life.

People can fool themselves with rationalizations that protect their self esteem whenthey do the wrong thing. If they do the wrong thing however, they are likely to bepunished by other people. Some people do bad things and get away with it and are proud ofhaving gotten away with it. It is up to us to see that justice is done and that they don'tget away with immoral behavior.

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