2.23 Teaching Howard Zinn Instead of History

My daughter's school assigned her to read "A Young People's History of the United States" by Howard Zinn.  Many other schools and colleges are assigning Howard's books for history class.  These books convince young people that America is bad, racist and imperialist and that capitalist is bad.  Dr. Mary Grabar tells us about Dr. Zinn and his books in the video below. 


Dr. Mary Grabar mentions how Zinn portrayed Columbus as evil.  This web site has a page about Columbus that shows he had both good and bad qualities.  Dr. Grabar said in the video that Marxists believe that those who have power are bad and those who don't are good.  That's only true if Marxists aren't in power.  That kind of belief will cause Marxists to keep trying to overthrow any government that isn't Marxist.  One way they might do that is by trying to convince everyone that their current government is bad which is exactly what Mr. Zinn did. 

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Dr. Grabar mentioned that Zinn said that America went to war with the North Vietnamese because America is imperialist.  Is that true?

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