2.15 Wokeness


Being woke means being awake to issues of social justice and racial justice.  Since wokeness has been carried to such an extreme being woke can mean being ridiculously sensitive to imagined slights and finding everything offensive.  When woke people react in a negative way to something they say they are being triggered.  Woke people often stifle free speech by being offended by the most innocent of statements and accusing the person who makes the statement of being racist or sexist or whatever they can think of.

Being woke means being very careful not to commit microaggressions.  Microaggressions are actions that might offend people.  People who teach wokeness teach us what we can or cannot say so that we don't offend black people, or trans people who identify as a different gender.  If someone with a beard and a deep voice says they identify as something else other than male and they want to be called zim instead of him according to woke people we have to call him zim.  In fact there are places, like New York where you face big penalties if you don't call him zim.  Woke people who are sensitive to not offending zims don't care if they are offending the people who don't believe that hims are zims and don't want to say what they don't believe is true.   They don't care that their efforts to control people by telling them what they can or cannot say might offend them. 

Woke people talk about being sensitive to other people's feelings but they are not sensitive at all to the people they falsely accuse of racism or sexism. 

Andrew Doyle is a man who became concerned about the Woke attack on free speech.  He decided to make fun of wokeness by creating a woke character, Titania McGrath who is so ridiculous that woke people would awaken to how ridiculous their beliefs are.  So far that doesn't appear to have happened.  Woke people have reacted with hostility to being made fun of.   Some of his satire has become real.  Mary Poppins for example got some soot on her face when she was with the chimney sweep.  Andrew Doyle had Titania accuse Mary Poppins of having black face.  White actors sometimes would act as if they were black people and color their faces black.  That was called black face.  There was a time when these actors portrayed black people in a negative way.  Just because someone gets soot on their face does not mean they are portraying blacks at all.   Five months after Titania made fun of how crazy woke people are by accusing Mary Poppins of black face the New York Times wrote an article saying the same thing about Mary Poppins except they were serious.  Here is the headline to the New York Times article.

There was a time in England (around the 17th century) when many people had a fireplace in every room to keep warm.  That meant lots of chimneys that had to be cleaned.  Chimney sweeps got soot on their faces when they cleaned chimneys.  Here Mary Poppins and all the Chimney sweeps have soot on their faces.  Does this have anything to do with black people?


Other satrical statements made in fun by Titania were made later in serious magazines.  Click here to see them.

Here is a video of Titania being woke.  She curses in the video so you may not want to watch it but it is funny. 

Bari Weiss used to write for the New York Times.  She expressed opinions that many of the New York Times employees did not approve of.  In her resignation to the New York Times she wrote:

"My own forays into Wrongthink have made me the subject of constant bullying by colleagues who disagree with my views. They have called me a Nazi and a racist...  There, some coworkers insist I need to be rooted out if this company is to be a truly “inclusive” one, while others post ax emojis next to my name. Still other New York Times employees publicly smear me as a liar and a bigot on Twitter..."

  The problem with Bari is not that she's a liar the problem with Bari is that she tells the truth.  In the video below she speaks about the general censorship craziness that has infected American institutions.

One reason people act woke is they are afraid to lose their jobs.  There is a very good article about how this is happening in Hollywood and how it affects the shows that we see and how it affects who gets hired to do those shows.

Bill Maher is a comedian who explains in the video below that woke people are way to unappreciative of America which is Shangri La compared to much of the rest of the world.


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There are a lot of worthwhile things to fight against in the world.  There are people who don't just say something that might offend someone.  There are people who kill a woman if they don't like her cooking.  There are people who kill a woman if she doesn't wear a veil.  There are people who enslave everyone who isn't Muslim.   One group that does this is the Taliban.  To find out more about them

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