3.7 Who Wants Us to Think Voter ID Isn't Fair and Why?

 The first bill proposed by the Democrats after Biden became president was HR 1.  The name of HR 1 is For the People's Act.  Republican senator Ted Cruz speaks about why he didn't like HR1 in the video below.


In the video below Kay James talks about a bill called HR 4.  HR 4 is also called "The Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2019".   I The titles of HR 1 and HR 4 sounds good.  They sound like they give more voting rights to people which is what the Democrats want you to think and which is why they gave those names to those bills. 

 Kay C. James speaks below about HR 4.  She mentions the Democrat excuse of wanting to stop voter suppression.  Democrats argue that requiring an ID to vote suppresses the votes of black people who they say have trouble getting IDs.  That's ridiculous because blacks have more than enough intelligence to get voter IDs. 



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Has anyone ever transferred jobs to black people from white people and if so how did that work out?

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