3.6 Is Requiring Voters to Show ID Fair?

       My son was told in school that there is voter suppression in the United States.  What his teacher meant by that is that the black vote is suppressed.  The teacher did not explain how the black vote is suppressed however, explanations I have heard from other people is that the requirement of an ID for each voter is unfair for blacks because it's harder for blacks to get IDs.  So they say end the requirement for voter IDs.

Without voter ID requirements a person can pretend to be a registered voter when they're not.  Lets make up a few names of two voters, Bill Higgins and Tommy Boggins.  They both plan to vote after work on election day.  They plan to vote for a president who is against immigrants pouring across the border and getting on welfare.  They don't want to have to pay taxes to support people who come to the U.S. to get on welfare.  Pedro Gonzales is one of those people who already got across.  He doesn't want a president who will send him home.  Pedro is not a legal citizen who has to pay taxes.  In fact he is on welfare.  He wants the money to keep coming.  Without voter ID he can pretend that he is Bill Higgins and vote.  Then he can go to Tommy Boggins voting place and pretend he's Tommy Boggins.  What happens when Bill Higgins comes to vote after work.  Bill Higgins will be told that he already voted.  This happened many times over in the 2020 election in which Joe Biden ran against Donald Trump.  One person who it happened to speaks about it in the video below.


People against voter ID say it's not fair to colored people.  They say it's harder for colored people to get voter IDs.  In the video below Amy Horowitz asked people whether they thought voter ID was fair or not. 


Since it's obvious that the requirement for a voter ID is reasonable that leaves the question of why the Democrats are against voter ID.  The only reason to be against it is if you intend to do voter fraud and intend to have people vote many times, or have people who are not citizens, vote.

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Voter ID is only one aspect of voting Democrats and Republicans disagree on.  Democrats have proposed bills HR 1 and HR 4 in the house of representatives which are both very controversial.  Bills are proposals that when voted for become law.  The next lesson has a cartoon about a bill becoming law.

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