2.26 Voter Suppression


My son was taught in school that the black vote is being suppressed. The Democrats tried to pass a bill called the Voting Rights Bill.  The Democrats say that the bill has to be passed to stop voter suppression.  Is there voter suppression?  One way to tell is by looking at how many black people voted in the last election compared to previous elections.  During the last election Donald Trump was president so if he is suppressing the black vote fewer blacks would have voted during that election.   A person who calls himself the Constitutional Conservative looked at the numbers.  He talks about what he found below.


In the video the Constitutional Conservative said that the reason the Democrats say there is voter suppression is because the Democrats want to suppress the Republican vote by cheating.  The Democrats call rules Republicans want like voter ID, voter suppression, as if requiring ID makes it impossible for blacks to vote.  The Constitutional Conservative is saying that the reason they don't want IDs is because they want to cheat.

Mark Levin, was one of three boys born in Philadelphia to a Jewish family.  He became a lawyer and worked for President Ronald Reagan's administration.  He has written 7 bestselling books and has a talk show.  In the video below he discusses voter suppression on his talk show.  He starts the video with Jennifer Psaki, the spokeswoman for the Biden administration, saying how Biden will fight against voter suppression.  Mark says "you have to look behind the curtain".  He is referring to the movie the Wizard of Oz where the fake wizard says "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain".  Mark means you have to not just believe what you hear and pay attention to the evidence.


Tom Cotton was a military officer and now is a junior senator for the state of Arkansas.  In the second video below he speaks out in the Senate about Democrat allegations of voter fraud (January 2002).  He starts by talking about serious problems America faces that are at least in part because of policies of the Democrat Biden administration.  He say that during this time the Democrats instead of trying to do something about these problems are trying to change senate rules so that they can ban voter ID. With the current rules the Republicans can block the Democrats from banning voter ID.  Senator Cotton said that the Democrats tell us that Americans are living under Jim Crow 2.0.  Jim Crow were laws in the south that forced racial segregation.  He tells us that the Democrats say that those terrible Republicans down in Georgia have stopped campaign and political workers from bringing food and drink to people who are standing on line to vote.  President Biden had this to say about the law.



Senator Cotton points out that the state of New York which is run by Democrats has the same law.  The reason for this law is so that people won't try and bribe voters into voting for a certain candidate by giving them gifts.  The law doesn't prevent people who stand on line from bringing their own water.  It doesn't prevent people from ordering pizza for themselves.  It doesn't prevent people from donating water to people on line if they give it to the poll workers to distribute. Here is what Senator Cotton told the Senate.



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There are some excellent articles on the web about voter suppression for those who are interested.  Here is one

Stacy Adams and Voter Suppression.

There are people who say the Democrats stole the 2020 election?  Many Democrats say there is no such evidence.  Is there any evidence or not?

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