6.10 Why Dr. Michelle Cretella says that the Transgender Lie is Child Abuse

Dr. Michelle Cretella is a pediatrician who gave up her clinical practice in order to fight transgender propaganda which she sees as child abuse.  She speaks about this in the video below.  She says teachers who teach children that boys can become girls and vice versa are gaslighting their children.  That means those teachers are manipulating children into not believing their own common sense and starting them to not know if they are sane and think logically and correctly and if what they have always believed to be true is true.  This makes it harder for them to think critically since they learn not to trust their own assumptions and their own thinking.  They may choose to take hormones in order to try and change their sex.  Those hormones are likely to make them sterile.  Some girls get so confused that they get a double mastectomy.


If a child is confused about their gender and parents can't find a therapist that doesn't create more confusion she says they can get help finding a therapist at Bestforchildren.org


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How do we know if someone is transgender or just confused about their gender?

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