4.4 What About the Rise in Temperature, Isn't that Proof of Man Made Global Warming?

Policy decisions about stopping oil pipelines and spending enormous amounts of money on wind turbines and solar farms come from reports on rising temperatures.  An important source of these reports is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA for short).  According to them, July of 2021 was the hottest July in recorded history.  Can we trust them?

NOAA has been caught altering climate data in the past.  Paul Homewood got hold of data from climate reporting stations in the finger lakes region of New York and compared the recorded temperatures from 1943 with 2014 and 2018.  NOAA reported that the temperatures in 2014 and 2018 were higher than 1943.  The data from the reporting stations showed that on the contrary 1943 was hotter.

One of the problems that Global warming alarmists (people who scare us with predictions that the world will become super hot)  faced is that temperature records showed that in the 12 years from 1998 to 2013 the earths temperature was not going up even though according to their climate models the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere should have mad the temperature go up a lot.  This is called the Global Warming Hiatus.  NOAA did a study called the Karl Study which concluded that there really was no global warming hiatus.  They made that appear to be true that by raising the temperature measurements from buoys floating in the ocean to match measurements made at the engine intakes of marine boats and then graphing them.  There is no reason to assume that temperature measurements made by marine boats are more accurate, one would expect engines to be hot and to cause the measured temperatures to be higher than they should be.

The people at NOAA are not dumb.  So why are they doing this?  Why pretend the world is in danger of climate disaster if it isn't.  If climatologists predict disaster they become important.  What they say can influence what the government does.  If they say that everything will be OK then people forget about them.  When real temperatures are different than those predicted by climate alarmists then people don't trust climate alarmists which is one reason that climate alarmists have an urge to change the data.  The government gives grants (money) to climatologists, if the government thinks the climatologists are wrong they might not give them grants.  The government may want to hear that carbon dioxide is causing disaster because then they can tax companies for producing carbon dioxide and get more tax money.  Doing so may drive companies out of business and the end result can be less taxes but left wing governments don't think that way.  So a left wing government may prefer to fund those climatologists who predict global warming disaster.  People who want to redistribute the wealth from wealthier countries to poor countries may see global warming alarmism as a way to get that to happen since they can say that the wealthy countries that produce a lot of carbon dioxide are heating up the poorer countries and so owe poorer countries compensation.

One way to check if what the climate alarmists say is true say is to get hold of data from climate reporting stations the way Paul Homewood did.  Another is to look up old newspaper reports about the weather.  That's what Tony Heller did.  He talks about what he found in the video below.



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