2.16 Lessons From the Taliban

In September 11 2001 (9/11), Al Qaeda, a Muslim terrorist organization attacked America.  They hijacked planes and and used them as missiles which they flew into the Pentagon and the Twin Towers and killed 2,977 people and injured 6000.  Al Qaeda was based in Afghanistan.  Washington gave Taliban leader Mullah Omar an ultimatum: hand over al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden and dismantle militant training camps or prepare to be attacked.  Omar refused and the United States invaded.  20 years later the American army was still there protecting the Afghans against the Taliban.  American soldiers died and the war was costly for America and so both President Trump and President Biden wanted out.  President Biden stopped the American military from helping the Afghan army.  Biden starting pulling out troops before he had made sure that all the American citizens living in Afghanistan as well as the Afghans who had helped America, were able to get out.  The Taliban quickly reconquered Afghanistan.  As I write this (Aug 29 2021)  thousands of Americans and those who helped America are trying to get out and can't. 

Many American schools are indoctrinating children to become radical activists.  The Taliban schools indoctrinate the children who go to them to become radical Muslim activists.  They are taught to fight and conquer the non-believer and to spread terror among the non-believers. They are taught that God has given them the girls of the people they conquer as slaves.  They believe that Muslim women are the property of men and must obey them and have to be covered from head to toe and that those women should be severely punished if they are not.  They believe that they should strike terror among the non-believers by use of violence.  They believe that women should not be allowed to have an education.  They believe Islam forbids music.  The Taliban shoot musicians. They ransacked a school for girl musicians and the girls rode a bus to the Kabul airport hoping to be evacuated by America but the Taliban wouldn't let them into the airport.  They shoot protestors.  The believe it is the duty of Muslims to fight and conquer non-muslims all over the world. 

The country of Pakistan funds the Islamic schools that turns kids into Taliban monsters and also arms the Taliban with weapons.  The United States has supported Pakistan with billions of dollars of aid as well as weapons and so indirectly the United States has supported the Taliban.

Amit Bansal in an article titled Taliban How a Monster was Born wrote:

Currently, Taliban is not just a group, it is the symbol of an ultra-fanatic ideology and complete annihilation of this ideology is not possible until the terror factories run under the disguise of the seminaries are dismantled. We may kill Taliban fighters but if these factories continue to produce terrorists, the supply will be unending. Today, they have occupied Afghanistan with force, tomorrow the fallout may be on us or any other country of the world.

Many political commentators say that we made the mistake of trying to turn Afghanistan into a Democracy.  That was no mistake.  We made another mistake during the 20 years we were there.  We didn't stop the Taliban schools from teaching kids to become monsters.  We should have stopped all aid to Pakistan until they stopped teaching children to hate infidels in their Madrassas .  We are taught to believe that Muslims are a virtuous oppressed minority and to think otherwise is to be Islamophobic.  We can't stop Muslim indoctrination of hate if we refuse to recognize that it exists. 

Many people on the left believe America everything America does around the world is bad and that America does it for money.  Some believed that was the reason American troops were in Afghanistan.  So they see no good reason for America to keep their troops there.  When America leaves we find out why there was a good reason for America to be there.  We see that when we see the brutality of the Taliban to the people of Afghanistan.  We see that when we see how the Taliban oppress Afghan women.  We see that when they destroy musical instruments.

We see that when they shoot Afghan musicians for being musicians. 


We see how women are controlled, how they can't get an education, once we leave Afghanistan.  We see how Afghans desperate to get out of Afghanistan, clung to our planes when our planes left Afghanistan. 

For 20 years the U.S. and its allies gave the Afghans a better life by being there.  Senator Lindsay Graham says this to the American soldiers who served in Afghanistan in the video below.  He himself was one of those soldiers.


President Biden ordered the American military to abandon Afghanistan before getting all the Americans and Afghans who helped America out.  Now he can't get them all out unless he sends the troops back in or pays the Taliban to let them out.  Senator Lindsay Graham talks about this in the video below.


Our country should be loyal to its friends.  When it betrays its friends its friends get killed and other people who might have become our friends have second thoughts.  When you aren't faithful to your friends soon you won't have any and when you need help no one will come to help you.  We make alliances with the radical Islamic countries like Pakistan who support our enemies and hate the United States and what it stands for.   Pakistan is where the Taliban come from.  When Afghans who were part of a group called the Northern Alliance, fought against the Taliban Pakistan sent in drones to bomb them.   America needs to ally itself with countries that don't hate it and don't attack innocent people.  Instead of being taught to worry about committing micro-aggressions and learning to be woke to how bad we are we should be taught to be proud of the good things we do, to be faithful to our friends, and to be proud of protecting them against the truly bad people of the world.  Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaks about how while we are so concerned about committing micro-aggressions we committed a huge macro-aggression by allowing the Taliban to take over Afghanistan.


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