7.7 Speaking Up


In the video below Lilit Vanetsyan, a teacher from Fairfax Virginia, tells teachers students and parents not to be afraid to speak up against Critical Race Theory because otherwise the current situation will continue.  The fact that it takes courage to speak up is because we don't have the freedom of speech that we used to have in America.  Although legally we have the right to free speech there are people who might hurt us if they don't like what we are saying.  If children speak up in school their teachers might give us bad grades.  On the other hand if they punish children it could become public knowledge and embarassing for the school.  One school actually expelled the children of two parents who complained. 


Notice how the teacher's microphone was cut off when she started to give advice to the school board.  She had only been talking for a little over a minute so it wasn't because she spoke over her time limit.

The teacher warned parents about their children becoming socialists.  All socialist governments that have existed have had much less freedom than we still have in the United States.  They have oppressed their people.  Socialists countries are also poorer than the United States.  Their are lessons on this web site about socialism you can get to in the economics section.

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