7.3 The Rescue of the Vietnamese Boat People

    After South Vietnam fell to the Communist North many people in South Vietnam escaped any way they could.  Many escaped in boats that were not suitable for ocean travel.  Some fell victims to pirates from Thailand.  The lucky ones were rescued. The four countries resettling most Vietnamese boat people and land arrivals were the United States with 402,382; France with 120,403; Australia with 108,808; and Canada with 100,012. Tiny Israel rescued Vietnamese boat people as well.  The movie below tells the story of one such rescue by the United States.

There was a story in the news of an Asian woman being beaten in Queens.  Two white men from a pizza store risked their lives to save her.  I have not been able to determine if the perpetrators, Supreme Gooding and Robert Whack were black because I can't find their pictures online although I did find a video clip that is black and white.  The media often avoids informing people of the race of the perpetrator if they are black.

If the majority of whites aren't racist toward Asians then why are we told they are?  Larry Alexander, in an online magazine called the American Thinker wrote that:

One reason is power.  The left wants Asians to join blacks and Hispanics as reliable votes for Democrats.  So it wants Asians to believe what it wants (and has largely succeeded in getting) blacks and Hispanics to believe namely, that Republicans and their voters are white supremacists who despise them.  Although this is a lie, and a big one, when it comes to blacks and Hispanics, it is perhaps an even bigger lie when it comes to Asians.  Nonetheless, it has worked to some degree, even with Asians, and so the left keeps repeating it. 

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Many Cubans have fled in boats to the United States

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