3.3 What about Slavery?  Don't Whites Owe Black Reparations for Slavery?

Reparations means giving money or some other payment to people who you have done wrong to.  The above question means don't whites owe blacks money and special benefits because they had black slaves?

What about black on white crime?  What about the black riots and black crime that forced whites to flee their homes?  Do blacks owe reparations to the whites they forced to flee their homes?  Do they owe reparations to the victims of black on white crime?  What about the black people who used to sail up the coast of Europe and capture white people and make them into slaves.  Thomas Sowell talks about that in the video below.



Do black people owe reparations for that?  The answer is no.  Why not?  Because not all blacks are responsible for those black slavers or blacks who were violent to whites.  Likewise not all whites are responsible for those whites who had black slaves.


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