2.8 Why do Blacks Underperform Whites as a Group?

In the previous lesson we learned that blacks can be just as successful as whites and that some outperform whites.  So why do they underperform whites as a group?

There are black youth who consider studying hard and being respectful of the teacher as acting white and they look down on black people who act white.  Needless to say these youth won't do well in school and will influence other black youth not do well in school.  Coleman Hughes talks about this in the video below.




The problem discussed above is rooted in black hostility to whites not white hostility to blacks.

According to research by the Brookings Institution’s Michael Hansen and Diana Quintero, black high-school students spend a little more than a quarter of the time on homework that Asian students do, and half the time of white students. Could that be the cause of black failure instead of racism?

One of the biggest problems in the black community is a lack of fathers in the home.  Many children grow up in a house with a single mother.  She may have had those children because she gets more welfare money for each child she has.  If that's the reason she gave birth to them it's unlikely that she'll care if they study hard or not as long as the welfare money comes in.

Thomas Sowell discusses why blacks do not do as well as whites in the video below.



Thomas Sowell said that many of the black leaders do what's best for them and not what's best for the people they lead.  Convincing blacks that whites owe them and convincing whites they should donate money to Black Lives Matter or else blacks will be angry, is good for the leaders of Black Lives Matter who collect the money but not good for the angry blacks who antagonize whites.  Convincing whites that they should feel guilty is a way to get them to give money to Black Lives Matter but causes them to engage in policies that ultimately hurt blacks.  White guilt hurts blacks.  The previous lesson showed us that blacks can be very successful in schools that don't lower the bar for them and that expel badly behaved children, black or white, who disrupt class.  Guilty whites are less likely to expel children who expel whites.  BLM and Critical Race pushers demand special favors for blacks saying that white racism is the reason blacks can't make it in our society.  The fact is blacks can make it and do make it.  This creates a belief in whites that blacks need special help, that they are somehow deficient.  Demanding special help and special favors creates a real racism of whites toward blacks called the bigotry of low expectations.  The result of lowering the bar though doesn't help blacks, Success Academy has shown us that when the bar is lifted and when blacks are treated just as tough as whites are, that they shine.  Unlimited welfare without required skills training doesn't enrich blacks because if they're not working they're not learning the skills that could lead them to become rich.  If they get free money forever they'll never take a job even if they are required to learn skills.

Here is a video of how the leader of Black Lives Matter has benefited financially by pushing policies that hurt blacks.


Democrats hurt blacks by convincing blacks, that white Republicans are racist.  People like Ibram Kendi teach blacks that all whites are racist. School teachers teach that whites are racist.  Blacks are less likely to try hard in school if they think that whites won't let them get ahead.  Instead they are likely to be hostile and commit crimes toward whites.  Then whites are going to be afraid to hire blacks.  They are going to be afraid to live near blacks.

If white racism is the reason why blacks perform worse than whites than we would expect white racism toward Asians to make Asians perform worse as well.  Black racism toward whites is the real reason why many black people aren't as successful as white people in America. 

Asians outperform whites.  In the case of Asians there really is systemic discrimination against them.  If the top colleges in our country chose students based on performance they'd be mostly Chinese.  They don't want to be mostly Chinese.  It's illegal to discriminate on the basis of race but colleges find a way   Harvard University found a way to discriminate against Asians and admit more blacks without breaking the law.  Instead of relying on grades and test scores Harvard added a personal rating score.  That way they could simply give the Asian applicants a lower personal rating score than they gave black people and say "see, the black people scored higher on personality so we are not discriminating".  Their rating Asians as having bad personalities so they can discriminate against them is an outrage.  It's the left wing Harvard administrators that have bad personalities.

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