1.12 Fighting Modern Day Slavery
 Part 1

Dr. Charles Jacobs, is president and one of the founders of the American Anti-slavery Group a group that fights to end modern day slavery.  He speaks about his efforts in the video below.  In the video Dr. Jacobs says that there is no moral opprobrium in the Arab world toward slavery because slavery is sanctioned in the Koran.  Dr. Jacobs mentions Louis Farrakhan in the video.  Louis Farrakhan is the leader of a black group called the Nation of Islam.  Mr. Farrakhan is anti-Jewish and anti-white.  The religion of the Nation of Islam says that the original humans were black, and that God, who is a black man, created them. White people were not created by God but by the evil black scientist Yakub who killed many black babies to do create white people. Because of the process by which Yakub created the white race, white people are inherently deceitful and murderous.   Farrakhan warns that divine space ships will avenge black suffering.  Since its founding in 1930, the Nation of Islam (NOI) has grown into one of the wealthiest and best-known organizations in black America.  Farrakhan the leader of the black Nation of Islam attacked Charles Jacob's anti-slavery organization. Farrakhan denied that Muslims were enslaving Africans.  Mr. Jacobs started getting death threats.  Charles Jacobs was trying to help black people and Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam interfered. Charles Jacob speaks about that in the video below.


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This video was split into 2 parts to make the lessons shorter. 

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