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Message to Undergraduates:

Are You Being Brainwashed?  Here is what a formerly brainwashed social justice warrior has to say.


Indoctination by college professors and school teachers, censorship and cancel culture has gone mainstream.  One way to get quick evidence of the censorship is to look at a web page about oppression of women in Muslim countries.  Notice how many of the videos are no longer available.  I created a series of online lessons for my children to give them a different perspective then they are getting in school by collecting videos with different perspectives that have not yet been removed from the internet and adding explanatory text and background information.  Although my goal was to reach my children, the majority of those videos I found were made by adults for adults.  There is material in these videos that is valuable for people of all ages.

One aspect of the truly indoctrinated is that they don't know they are indoctrinated.  They believe they know the truth.  If you want to see a different perspective than you were taught in college, or are told by the media, take a look at the lesson list or the home page of this site.

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