10.14 The Leftist Takeover of Country Music


Some how leftists have taken over schools, universities, the department of Justice, the presidency, congress and so on.  They have also taken over country music.  John Rich a song writer talks about it in the video below.  The woke that have taken over country music will not tolerate criticism.  They don't believe in free speech.  John mentions ths singer Jason Aldean.  Jason Aldean became a very famous country singer.  The whole video is worth watching but you can skip to 9 minutes in the video for this lesson.  Faith Hill when she asked John for a song was already very famous.  John Rich talks about Wokeism.  Wokeism comes from the idea of being awake to social injustice.  The idea is everyone who isn't woke is asleep and is unaware of the terrible injustices in America.  Those injustices according to the woke include capitalism in which white people like Trump have more money than a lot of black people do, systemic racism toward the black man and white privilege.


Here is the song John Rich wrote for Faith Hill.

This is a trail marker in Star Mississippi honoring Faith Hill.

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How does the left deal with Trump supporters?

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