10.5 Laura Loomer, the Most Canceled Woman in America

One of the bravest truth tellers in the world, Laura Loomer, is also the most banned woman in the world.  Her undercover journalism embarrassed and exposed powerful Muslims and powerful people on the left and as a result she has been canceled.  She decided to run for Congress so that she would have the power to defend other people from being canceled.  The cancel culture couldn't let that happen and so canceled her even more.  It got so bad that Xfinity Comcast the major internet provider in Florida blocked people from following links that she sent out to help her campaign for Congress.  She speaks about this in the video below.



Why was Laura Loomer banned?  Did she did something wrong?  Is she a dangerous person and if so who is she dangerous to?  Is the cancel culture that banned her dangerous?  Should she be silenced or is she a heroine for truth and justice who is raising the alarm about the attack on free speech and corruption in America an alarm we all pay attention to?  Watch the video below and decide.

There are two social media sites that did not cancel her and they are both conservative.  The Rumble site is like Youtube but unlike Youtube won't remove your video if they don't like what it says.  The other site is Parler which is like Facebook but also doesn't censor people they don't like.

Laura Loomer tells unpleasant truths about people and so got cancelled.  What if you just showed videos of people saying things without commenting whether it was wrong or right?  Could you get cancelled for that?  After all you'd be helping them get their message out by posting videos of what they are saying right?

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