7.8 Courageous Children Speak Up

Here is a video of two brave young people who spoke up against the indoctrination in their schools.  The first part is of a courageous 9 year old girl who had been told that no politics were allowed in school.  When she saw Black Lives Matter posters on school walls she complained to her principal because that violated the no politics rule.  When the principal wouldn't take them down she spoke about it to the school board.  This girl has a lot more courage than most people.  Silence will not stop what is happening.  Only the courage to speak can.

The second part part of the video is of a courageous boy from Rosemount High School who spoke up against the anti-white indoctrination in his school.


The school board lied to the nine year old girl and everyone else for that matter about not allowing politics in school.  Why did they do that?  Probably because they are determined to break the rules of the school and don't want to admit that they are doing it.  Why are they determined to break the rules of the school.  Maybe some of them think that will improve the lot of black people by putting up those posters.  Maybe others are doing it because they hate America and want students to hate America also.

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It takes a lot of courage for teachers and professors to speak up against the Left. 

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