1.7 If Israel Isn't Racist Why do People say that Israel is an Apartheid State that Oppresses Palestinians?

    Many Arabs say Israel is Apartheid and oppresses them because they hate Israel.  The truth is that it is the Palestinian Authority and Hamas who oppress the Palestinians.  Mossab Hassan is a very brave man who left the Hamas terrorist organization.  He bravely spoke out against the oppression of Palestinians by Hamas and by the Palestinian Authority in the United Nations.


 Apartheid means keeping different races apart.  There are Israeli Arabs living in Israel and Israeli Jews living in Israel.  There are people of all races and religions living side by side in Israel.  There are black Jews who live in Israel and white Jews who live in Israel.  The Palestinian Authority controls areas where it is too dangerous for Jews to go so it is the Palestinian Authority that is apartheid.  Hamas controls Gaza and no Jew dares enter there.  There were Jews living in Gaza and former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon pulled them out of Gaza against their will thinking that would bring peace.  It didn't and the Arabs in Gaza have fired thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians since the Israelis were uprooted by their government. 

The Arabs have repeatedly attacked Israel.  Between May 10 and May 20 the Palestinian Arabs in Gaza fired more than 4,369 rockets at Israel.  These rockets frighten Israeli children as shown in the video below.  If you don't want to be upset don't watch this video.


The Israelis shoot down many of the Palestinian missiles with amazing missiles of their own.  Their missile defense is called the Iron Dome.     Here is a video of Israel's Iron Dome intercepting Palestinian rockets.  Every time an Israeli rocket destroys a Palestinian rocket you see a bright light in the sky.  It's amazing and like something out of Star Wars which is why someone put the video to Star Wars music.


Despite the remarkable technology of the Iron Dome some of the Palestinian rockets get through because there are so many of them.  Here are 2 videos of what happened when rockets got past the Iron Dome and hit people.  These videos are both very upsetting and you don't need to watch them.



Israel can't just hide in shelters and flee rockets all the time and hope their kids don't get killed.  They have to fight back.  Despite the fact that the Palestinian Arabs target Israeli civilians the Israelis go to great lengths to avoid killing Arab civilians as Benjamin Netanyahu the former Prime Minister of Israel, explains below.


One thing Netanyahu didn't mention is the Israelis used expensive smart bombs that fly to the exact target to avoid killing innocent people.

That doesn't mean innocent Arabs don't get killed.  It's the fault of Hamas who fires the rockets from where they live and doesn't let them leave when the Israelis warn they are coming. 

 Where does the Arab hatred of Israel come from?  Sarah Idan, explains below that the Arabs want to take over the entire Middle East.  She also says the hate comes from Islam.  She ought to know she grew up in the Islamic sea of hatred toward Israel.  Sarah Idan was Miss Iraq and competed in the Miss Universe Pageant.  She had to flee Iraq because she took a selfie with Miss Israel.  She explains the reason the Arabs hate Israel in the video below.


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This web page is here because Black Lives Matter which children are being told teaches us to accept everyone doesn't accept Israel.  Why are they so against Israel?  Find out in the next lesson.

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