1.9 Intersectionality

Kimberle Krenshaw is a law professor at  both Columbia University and the University of California at Los Angeles. She is one of the creators of Critical Race Theory and she came up with the idea of intersectionality.  The idea of intersectionality is based on the idea that there are privileged groups who are oppressors and there are marginalized ( victimized and oppressed) groups.  Professor Krenshaw believes that blacks are marginalized and whites are privileged.  Women are marginalized and men are privileged.  If you are a black woman then you are marginalized in two ways, by being black and by being a woman.  Your blackness and womenness intersect.  What if you are a gay black woman?  Then you are even more of a victim.  What if you are a straight white man.  Then you are a privileged oppressor.  Here is a graphic from an article about the subject that shows the idea of intersectionality.  Privileged people are on the outside and victimized people are on the inside.

Notice that Christians are considered privileged, non-Christians such as Muslims are considered victims.  Jews are non-Christians but CRT people see Jews as privileged.  They teach that Jews as “privileged white supremacists” who use their powerful “whiteness” to oppress black and brown people in America and the Middle East. 

According to this chart Kimberle herself is oppressed.  She is both black and a woman.   For an oppressed woman she sure is making a lot of money by being a professor at two of the top highly paying universities in the United States.  In fact she is a chaired professor.  That generally means that someone donated a lot of money so that the professor with the "chair" makes a lot more money.  For an oppressed person she is doing a lot better than a lot of people she says are privileged.

The next few lessons will deal with the question of who are the oppressed and who are the oppressors.  This lesson will have one video on the subject in which Curtis Sliwa is interviewed.  Curtis Sliwa is the founder of the Guardian Angels.  Mr. Sliwa started the Guardian Angels in the 70s when there was a lot of crime in New York City and it was dangerous to ride the subway.  13 unarmed people from his group began to patrol the number 4 subway line.  If they saw a mugger they would detain him until the police came.   They became known as the magnificent 13.   Guardian Angels do not carry weapons.

Mr. Sliwa is running for mayor of New York.  He is unhappy with Mayor deBlasio's policies that have led to an increase in crime and wants to change them.  In this video Mr. Sliwa tells the truth about who is oppressing and who is being oppressed in New York City.  In the video he talks about politicians who patronize the Jews.  Patronize means convince someone you care about them and will help them.


We started this page with an intersectionality diagram.  If we draw a more correct diagram it might look like:

There is something wrong with the above diagram.  It makes it look like all blacks are oppressors and all Jews are their victims.  That isn't true.  There are plenty of blacks who are against violence toward Jews and who are not anti-semitic.  Likewise the first diagram on this page is wrong.  Not all whites oppress non-whites, some blacks are more privileged than whites, some women are richer than men.  It's wrong to generalize and say all members of a group are oppressors or oppressed.

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