6.1 Should I Take Hormones and Puberty Blockers?

Some people want to be trans because they're taught if they're not transgender they're privileged bad oppressors.  Some boys who do it think they'll be their own girlfriend.  Some are attracted to a person of the same sex and think transitioning will make their life easier.  Then one day many wakeup after having been changed by hormones and surgery and realize they don't have girlfriend or a boyfriend..  Many girls do it because their friends are doing it.  Some people do it because they think they are the opposite sex trapped in the wrong body.   Many do it because they think they will be happier if they do.  Lets hear from people who transitioned and find out if they're happy about what they did.  The girl who speaks in the video below had a mastectomy in order to become a boy.  Mastectomy means having breasts removed.  That used to be done if a woman had cancer in both breasts.  In her case it was done because she believed she would be happy if she became a boy.


Here is a video about hundreds of people who wish they hadn't transitioned.


According to Abigail Shrier more than 17,000 people regret transitioning and the number is increasing.  She talks about gender dysphoria in the video below.  That means distress due to desire to be another gender.

Puberty blockers can cause brain swelling and vision loss.

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Why Are so Many Children and Teenagers Taking Puberty Blockers and Hormones?

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