6.1 Should I Take Hormones and Puberty Blockers?

This page contains videos testimonies of several people who took cross sex hormones.  Why did they choose to do that?  Some of them say it was because they felt uncomfortable in their own bodies.  One of them said she was told that if she didn't transition she was likely to be unhappy and develop mental health problems and commit suicide.  Some people were taught if they're not transgender they're privileged bad oppressors and they get lots of love and appreciation on social media if they start acting trans.  Some were depressed and think that if they transition they will become their true selves and become happy.  Some people who transition are attracted to a person of the same sex and think transitioning will make their life easier.  Some girls transition because their friends are doing it.  Some people transition because they think they are the opposite sex trapped in the wrong body.  Some do it because they see it as a way of escaping a painful past or they think people of their sex are bad. Almost all do it because they think they will be happier if they do.  Some of them were happier for a short time after transitioning.  They believed they had overcome their problems.  A lot fewer were happy in the long term.  This page has video testimonies of people who transitioned telling their stories.

Grace, the girl who speaks in the video below had a mastectomy in order to become a boy.  Mastectomy means having breasts removed.  That used to be done if a woman had cancer in both breasts.  In her case it was done because she believed she would be happy if she became a boy.


Grace believed she'd be happy if she transitioned to a boy because she saw people acting so happy and excited about transitioning on the internet.  Other people have said they got a lot of encouragement on social media when they mentioned thoughts of transitioning. 

Kayla Lovdahl was convinced by trans-identifying influencers online that she was trans.  Her parents were told “that she represented a high-risk of suicide unless she transitioned.”  Three doctors “performed a double mastectomy within six months at age 13.”  She sued.  The complaint of her lawsuit states:

Defendants assumed that Kayla, a twelve-year-old emotionally troubled girl, knew best what she needed to improve her mental health and figuratively handed her the prescription pad. There is no other area of medicine where doctors will surgically remove a perfectly healthy body part and intentionally induce a diseased state of the pituitary gland misfunction based simply on the young adolescent patient’s wishes. Defendants were horribly, and inexcusably wrong, as Kayla was not transgender and was not a person that any reasonable physician could ascertain would permanently maintain a transgender identity.

When she was 17, Lovdahl began detransitioning. She no longer “identifies” as a man, but because of the hormonal and surgical “treatments” she received, she “now has deep physical and emotional wounds and severe regrets.”

Who are these people who were acting happy and excited on social media?  Did the people who said they transitioned really transition?  Were those who transitioned really happy after transitioning?  Who are the people who encourage others to transition?  Are they kind people who just want to help others or is their a more sinister selfish motive?  People on social media are not always who they seem to be.  There is a lesson on this site that explores this question of who they are and what their motives are.

Cat Catlinson was 26 years old when she started taking testosterone.  She is lucky she didn't start till she was 26 and didn't take it for long.  She was scheduled for a double mastectomy but cancelled the surgery.  Even so taking testosterone has had a permanent effect on her voice. 

Why did she take testosterone?  Here is her explanation.

When I was talking to the doctor at Planned Parenthood, it was so easy for me to be like… ‘Yeah, I’ve struggled with an eating disorder, but that’s really gender dysphoria. I struggled with depression and anxiety, but of course it’s just because I was really trans this whole time. It was really my gender dysphoria that is the root issue and same thing with alcoholism and everything else.’ So essentially, what that does is it causes this superficial treatment process that is really just addressing the physical body and its body modification basically. You’re trying to use body modification to treat a mental illness.”

Cat had an eating disorder and believed she had it because she was a different gender.  It's not that long ago that therapists explained eating disorders as being a result of suppressed memories of childhood abuse.  Now the latest fad may be blaming it on being the wrong gender in the wrong body. 

Cat was also told that she would be likely to commit suicide if she didn't transition.

Cat says she felt uncomfortable being a woman.  What Cat really may have felt uncomfortable with is trying to fit a stereotype of how a woman should behave.  After stopping testosterone she has made it her mission to teach people that they don't have to fit stereotypes.  She said:

“Whoever you are, in the body that you have, you can be whoever you are and do whatever you want to do in the world. I don’t think that people should have to be a man or a woman or non-binary to be able to express themself or do what they want to do. Part of my mission is breaking down these stereotypes and forging our own paths in the world, rather than just conforming to stereotypes.”

Karen Horney was a German psychologist who coined the term "the tyranny of the should.  Katherine Brooks wrote about this in the magazine Psychology Today.  Katherine wrote that Karen: 

Viewed shoulds as dividing our personalities into two selves: an ideal self and a real self. When we don’t live up to the ideal self, we are split and our inner critic comes out. Albert Ellis another psychologist, wrote about the “musts” in our lives that create demands on ourselves and others and often only serve as a source of anxietyguiltshamedepressionself-hatred, and anger. We put ourselves down when we fail to live up to our shoulds, and we get angry with others when they don’t live up to our shoulds.

 We see from what Cat said that Cat believed that in order to be a woman she should act a certain way.  Maybe a little counseling about the tyranny of shoulds might have solved her problems.  Instead she thought testosterone would solve her problems.  Testosterone just made things worse.

You can watch a video of her testimony below.


 The girl who speaks in the video below used to be very pretty.  She transitioned and now regrets she can't be what she once was.



Here two more people speak about how they were conned into making the terrible mistake of transitioning.


The person in the video below was around a lot of violent men and didn't want to be one.  He mentions two books.  He mentions May Daly's book Gyn/Ecology which discusses how women have a female energy and are creators of life. Trans men can alter their appearance to look like women but they can't give birth to children.  The other book, The Transsexual Empire: the Making of a She-Male by Janice Raymond argues that the trans movement is a way men try and colonize and dominate women by making their femininity their own.  Men who transition to women do dominate women's sports and invade their private lockerrooms and bathrooms as trans females.



Here is a video about hundreds of people who wish they hadn't transitioned.


When this video of Abigail Shrier was made, more than 17,000 people regretted transitioning and she said the number is increasing.  She talks about gender dysphoria in the video below.  That means distress due to desire to be another gender.

Dutch medical studies of transition surgery show that many regret having undergone it.  Project Veritas has an undercover video about this.  Another lesson in this series of lessons about the transgender craze has more testimonies from people who detransitioned.  The Independent Women's Forum has a lot of testimonies of women who detransitioned on their web site.  There's a very good essay by Walt Heyer a person who transitioned and then detransitioned called The ‘Sex Change’ I Had 40 Years Ago Was A Scam (thefederalist.com) .  He created a web site for people who regretted transitioning on which their stories are told.  You can see it at Sex Change Regret | For those who want to return back

Puberty blockers can cause brain swelling and vision loss.  Many people who transition undergo surgery as well not realizing the life of pain and medical problems that surgery is likely to cause.

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