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This web site started out as a collection of lessons meant to counter radical left wing propaganda in schools.  It was created by a parent who didn't want his children indoctrinated into becoming radical leftists.  For that reason it is free.  No one is paid a salary to make the lessons at .  In order to counter radical left wing propaganda it was necessary to provide historical and current information but at a level that children in 4th grade and up could understand.  A good example of a page that both addresses the unfair accusation that America's founding fathers were all racists and which teachs history is the Founding Fathers page.  A good example of a page that teaches basic economics and about another country and addresses the problems of socialism is the Socialism page. Reading these pages is good reading practice and good for building vocabulary since difficult words are highlighted and children can see the definition of those words by moving the mouse over the highlighted word.  Each lesson has a quiz that enables the child to evaluate how well he understood the page and to show his parents his progress.

By itself is not sufficient for homeschooling children.  Although the number of lessons keep increasing they were not designed to meet specific requirements for different grades.  The lessons do not cover math or science although the lessons about climate do teach some science. is only a resource not a complete home schooling curriculum but it is a valuable resource.

There is an excellent free web site that does teach math and science and even grammer called Khan Academy Brainpop is a good resource that is used by public schools but it is not free.  Other very good resources are Prager U's Kid Shows and  Hillsdale College K-12 Curriculum .  Prager U's Kid Shows include lessons that are appropriate for children in preK and up. 

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