2.2 Is the American Left Intolerant of American Conservatives?

Senator Tim Scott infuriated the left because he said that America is not a racist country.  The left gains power in the United States by portraying the opposing party, the Republicans as racist.  They make the Republicans appear as bad as possible so people will vote for them instead.  Senator Tim Scott by telling the truth makes it harder for the left to convince people to vote for them.  The left constantly accused former president Trump of racism.  When  Senator Scott spoke about how much Trump had helped blacks that undermined the left's propaganda.  When Senator Scott spoke about how the Democrats blocked his police reform proposal and said that the Democrats wanted the issue he was right.  He meant that the left wants to be able to blame the Republicans for police shootings of blacks.  If the Republicans prevented more shootings from happening that would make the Republicans look good and the left wouldn't be able to use the issue of police shootings to make Republicans look bad.

In the video below Senator Scott explains why he was attacked by the left.  He speaks about bigotry in the video.  Bigotry means prejudice against a group.


Byron Donalds a Congressman from Florida speaks about Senator Scott and how he was treated, below.  Congressman Donald's mentions H.R.1.  The Democrats passed that bill with the argument that it makes it easier for people to vote.  The Republicans are against it because they say it makes it easier to commit voter fraud.



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Many people on the left say that America is systemically racist.  Systemic racism means there is racism in the system of laws that govern the United States and in rules that govern how organizations treat minorities such as black people.  Is America systemically racist toward blacks? 

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