10.14 A Harvard Student On the Need to Speak Up

     Children are taught in many American schools that America has a terrible history and that it is a bad country today.  Julie Hartman, a student from Harvard University spoke out against this attitude in her senior speech.  She said we remain silent when people condemn America.  She didn't remain silent as you can see in the video below.  Things are actually worse than she said.  For example she mentioned American Medical Association said that the U.S. should remove gender from birth certificates.  Hospitals are performing transgender surgery on children who are confused and think they are a different sex.  That's worse.  Physicians are being pressured to discriminate against white people.  Whites are being discriminated against in emergency rooms.  Whites were discriminated against when they want to get vaccinated against Covid 19.  That's also worse.  Julie mentioned donations to Black Lives Matter being spent on lavish homes for BLM leaders. That's true but BLM activists riot and burned stores, even stores belonging to black people.   That's even worse. 

     People are afraid to speak up against what is happening in America but if we don't we could lose our freedom. When Julie talks about losing our privileges she doesn't mean white privilege.  She means all of us white and black are privileged to be free Americans and will lose those privileges if we don't defend them.  By privileges means the freedom to say what we believe even if other people or the government doesn't want us to.  She means the privilege to become prosperous and wealthy. 

      A philosopher, Edmund Burke, is believed to have said "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing".  One of those things good people have to do to stop evil is to speak up against it.  More Americans need to speak up about what is good about America.  If we don't appreciate what we have we will lose it.



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America has been a refuge for immigrants from all over the world.  Why didn't all the Jews escape from Germany to America in World War II?

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